The “grace period” and a count for thrall cap

Maybe this is my mistake for thinking it would be a little easier to manage this horrible cap, and thinking that we would be able to use the limit functionality to some kind of advantage, but I am so disgusted by the way the grace period is being “implemented” that I am beside myself.

Let me say that while I have never coded a video game, I have been a professional software developer/programmer for almost 2 decades now. I know that in any piece of software, taking a value that is known and tracked already in a system and putting it on a screen is probably the easiest thing in the world that can be done.

So where is the thrall counter?

I at least thought that we would be able to use the “over the limit” warning message during the grace period to help us cull the old thralls and deploy the new, but as I see this grace period will pass with no way to know where you are in regards to the limit and then when everything is turned on you’ll just start losing thralls.

That is ridiculous.

I hate this thrall cap, I think it was implemented without much thought and certainly without anything being introduced to substitute for them in terms of base defense, but I am doing my best to adjust. However not being able to keep track of what I have makes it pretty tough to get down to the low number I will be able to keep with any accuracy.

A thrall counter needs to be implemented on the clan screen, with a hotfix, before it is turned on. There is absolutely no excuse for not doing so.


To be brutally honest, that’s what mystifies me too. Out of my 20+ years in software development, I’ve only spent 2 working in games industry, but even so I know that this is an easy thing to do. Not trivial, because nothing in games is trivial, but easy.

Since I’m convinced the problem doesn’t lie in technical difficulty, I have a couple of theories:

  • They might not have had the time to get it done. Look at the bugs forum – it’s been flooded with bug reports. It’s obvious that they rushed this update out.
  • Maybe they don’t want to simply slap a counter somewhere in the GUI, because doing it like that is probably going to end up looking fugly and/or they’ll have change it again in the future. So they might be holding off on it until they have some time to implement a proper follower info screen.
  • Since they haven’t announced when the grace period will end, they might be planning to extend the grace period until a week past adding something like the follower counter.

I don’t believe an end date for the Grace Period has been announced (or did I miss it) ? If that’s not the case, then assuming that it’ll end before a counter - which @Tascha confirmed is in the works, though no ETA - makes an appearance is probably premature.

Bringing up the concern is, of course, entirely valid.

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Would like to get a thrall counter very much, cause im running all over the map guessing where my former clanmates have had a base/wheel to clean up placed thralls. As off now, i have not a clue how many it is.


Tascha said in another thread, that the counter will be ingame, before the big "kulling "(killing) starts.

The thrall counter is being worked on. We’re aiming to release it before the limit gets implemented so players can prepare for it.
Any other speculations beyond that are tinfoil territory that is feeling quite tiresome at this point.
Thanks for the feedback.




@Ignasi I know you can’t say much about it right now, but it is the Thrall Pot resurrection? That’ll be an awesome way to put it in game again :smiley:

Lets hope not… As pots have to be near thralls… You wouldnt see/count thralls at the whole map.

You could count them by pots :smiley: have a pot on every base you have (I think everyone have thralls on bases, idk, never seen thralls around the map) so you know that on your main base you have 5, on the volcano you have 4, and in your sepermeru’s wheel of pain you have 2 more guarding, and overall you know you have 11. I think it’s more realistic if you can count the people that come to eat in a pot than just knowing the number out of nowhere.

You’re missing something :wink:

This is a very real problem.

I’m kinda new on the forum, and I don’t know how to quote yet. But I would like to know what I’m missing @CodeMage :smiley:

The thing that I quoted below “You’re missing something” :wink:

What’s the problem with the follower limit?

I need a fighter, I need a dancer and some archers.
Maybe now one horse too.

But I definitely don’t need a naked dancer in every room…

I apologize, I didn’t mean to get all crazy on here.

While I had heard there was a counter in the works, I had never heard nor read that it would be implemented before the culling. I had planned to work around it using the over limit error message, and upon finding out that it wasn’t there (in the midst of having to relocate our clan base due to various other parts of the patch, and no it wasn’t a lollipop base) and some recent exploiting cheater troll issues (which I reported but didn’t get much help on, though some of which I am really hoping that this patch takes care of, but since the language is a bit vague I can only hold my breath and hope) plus my initial dislike of many of the changes (which I have been vocal about, but tried to calmly explain my reasons of opposition), I just kinda snapped. Straw that broke and all that.

I am very glad to hear the counter will be put in prior to the limit being enacted, and again I do apologize for raging out.

I’ll try to remember to count to a hundred or so before posting next time.

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LOL while mostly only danish people will understand this, it did bring back memories from when my oldest daughter was little, Bamse & Kylling was her favorite show and I also as an adult found it funny :joy:

is there a update on a Thrall / Pet Counter ?

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