The great list of bugs i meet in conan exiles please do something rapidly 😭

Game mode: Online and solo
Problem: Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc
Region: EU
Hello first time i love your game his got a great capacity but i loose all this capacity because your not fixing so many Big bug i say that because i’ve s’en you fixed minor bug on the lastest update ps4, but in the game i can meet some agressiv human who’s can’t be kill because all attack pass through them but they can beat you whatever they are invincible GREAT, that’s not what i call a minor bug and generaly dev FIX major bug before minor, and after that there is a big list of many bugs

  • constant lag make teleportation and death because if you go on 20m on a Mountain you can die because of lag you don’t make 20m but 30 or 40 so you fall from Mountain and you die super great -_-
  • lag on texture on Doors, floor and decoration
  • Very big lag on ennemy who’s stop moving into fight and attack by lag surprise !!!
  • game crash, freeze and loading screen to joint can be freeze too and when servers crash you can’t see it for 30 minutes sometime and rarely you can rejoined directly
  • character reflect like speed reflect hein you turn your camera ( is very worst when your character is in front of waters)
  • lot of minor bug i don’t remain you should engage some game tester to fin all bugs correctly there is too many problem to FIX ALL just with report like i do
    Please do something it’s make 3 horrible days who’s on my hollidays , hope i can play it with no bugs before the ends of those days, but i think i’m dreaming that’s too many work to do to fix all bugs, thank you for listening and good evening

Ps: i found another, when you do a search of server or just change internet for favorite or other change in filter makes the button refresh list impossible to use.

Repro steps:

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If all your problems are lag related maybe check your internet settings :wink:

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Seriously ? You think i’m not sure about my connection and coming here to say i’m not satisfied and make a list with all the bugs i see in the game, the first bug i told is not a lag.

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And when i wrote this it’s make 40 mins my server crash and 40 mins i didn’t see him in the server list :sweat_smile:

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Its definitely not his internet, everyone in our 10 man tribe has it and its super annoying, things just freeze in place and suddenly you lose hp, same with npc’s who’s weapon swings hit you from 10 feet away

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Yep i’ve seen the last you said too with White tiger the hit box is very sad for us but great for enemy😅

I haven’t realy had these problems, I did have some “late texture loading” but not realy problems with combat. I once had that a teleported back to a enemy when I tried to run away from it but it only happened once.
Are you sure you checked your connection settings because it kinda seems connection related? Are you using wifi? What’s your connection speed in mbps?

Having same “lag” issue with the king rhino.
Funny thing about that one though. It only affects the mobs target, me and a friend tested out, rhino attacked him and froze up on his screen, while I could still see it running after him. Then as it went for me i had it freeze while he could see it move. When it attacked npcs we both could see it move. As of now we are doing our best at avoiding the mob since theres no chance to kill it without many sacrifices

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I got between 15 and 25 mbps, every other game works good online, Never had thoses problems on ark

Since i got à spécial bug who’s make me very frustreted, the server crash and i think i have dying before that, but when i’m come Back i see my tomb but there’s no corpse i now were i die there is nothing😓