The Great Screenshot Thread


Yes sensei.


“Eh man, it’s shiny, Can I touch it ? Can I touch it ?”





What is going on here??

  • “That printer-ink is only referred to as ‘Morninglight’. There is no ‘yellow’”.

  • “No sexual activity without my direct involvement.”

  • “You’re not anointed quality. Back to Foundlings you go!”.


If you ever wondered why my pics looks so good: I am using personalized reshade:

Reshade - My personal setting


3 screenshots per day. Hope I am not spamming much :slight_smile:


I’m LOVING all if these!






Calculating some ideal slopes to take before putting my bindings back on. :skier: :mountain_snow:


Last coffee in London before a short travel to Dublin to stay with Mam for Christmas.
Was not exactly in the mood due this terrible cold, I must admit.
Also, Merry Christmas to all!




I got bored and went through some of my old wardrobe outfits that transfered over to SWL. I do love my hat, I was only one of 8 people to get one <3


Loved your pants!

Opening some vaults

Bloodbath :smiley:

This was right after i defeated Mara so feeling kinda confident

Hatchet Falls

Entering Portals