The khitan stuff says I can’t unlock it

The game is great but buggy, on this new update the knitan stuff says I can’t unlock it but I’m a high enough level and have all the requirements

I believe that is part of the paid DLC. It was pushed to PS4 for certification reasons. You shouldn’t be able to unlock it until you buy the DLC , which as I understand is not yet available for purchase. That is probably why you are locked out of it.

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Yes that is correct, you have to buy the corresponding dlc package to get the Khitan items. Why the content and not the means to purchase it was released? Even with admin mode you will not be able to use any new Khitan items.

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Console manufacturers have a lot of control over the content that can be played on their devices. Certification is the process by which the console manufacturer ensures that digital content intended to be played on their consoles meets their standards. The Khitan content was pushed now so that Sony can certify the content prior to releasing it. This allows Sony to examine the content and certify that it meets their standards. If the content does not pass certification, FC will need to rework it and resubmit it again for certification. This is why the content shows up but you cannot purchase it.

Any idea if they will raise player level cap when this new dlc launches?

That’s bs, other companies do the same thing with their dlc and it’s not released in game til the certification process is completed. So don’t go justifying funcoms actions on this issue.

As stated in the funcom newsletter the DLC is unavailible until the certification is complete the major thing they really wanted to do is get a place holder ready so that all players can see what they are going too be getting as well as make sure that its there so when you purchase it most of the data is already in game making it a smaller download.

Yeah that true, you just have to wait for it

Actually, they do. A lot of companies will pre-load in a bunch of assets for upcoming stuff without making it available for various reasons ranging from saving users from large downloads once it goes live to other things like making sure all the data hooks are there for when they switch it on. Bethesda did plenty of the same thing with Skyrim and the patches before their own DLC was released.

The reason you see the khitai stuff now (in the admin panel) is because it’s there waiting to be switched on. I imagine it’s mostly due to how UE handles it’s packages. Given how you need to make whole new builds for every change and add in how insanely pricey it can be to put stuff up on PSN or Xbox Live (we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars for a title update, here) - You can bet a company will want to put as much stuff together in a patch and cut down just how many updates they need to do.

I bought the DLC and cannot unlock Khitan bows. I have enough points, it shows I should be able to, but when I select it nothing happens. Gonna try reloading.

You don’t need to unlock them, they unlocks at the moment when you unlock required feats