Where is our DLC and why is it taking so long

I have never seen it take this long why is it taking so long this time to get our DLC

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it is on the Microsoft side for certification last i saw on another thread.

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No they’ve not even told us if they’ve certified it yet, all I know is there were more bugs with Xbox version of the patch than on Ps4 and that’s why it’s taking so long

Well let’s hope Monday they’ll finally get it done and to us

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Correct. If it doesn’t pass cert then it could take even longer.

Last I read funcom said Xbox will get it at a later date. All these posts saying it’s been sent to Microsoft are from players to my knowledge. I have yet to see where anyone from funcom has said it’s been sent to Microsoft so if anyone can cite where someone from funcom has said it would be appreciated…otherwise it’s just speculation.

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Once it undergoes certification by Microsoft. We don’t have any estimates yet, but hopefully soon.

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Thanks for the link, but that was a week ago. I think the concern is at this point the DLC should have gotten thru certification unless there were additional issues. Xbox players are just looking for some type of official update.

We were also the last to exit the Halloween event and asked for the same back then. Just to be updated.

@Ignatius or @Tascha can you help?

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Was just clarifying the last known status. It may have changed, and if it has, an update would be nice.

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Np. I’m just getting antsy. Looking forward to both the DLC and the hot fix.

Hey there,

We apologize for the delayed release on Xbox. We still have no news, but we should get the results from the certification soon.


Thanks. Was hoping for something more positive, but I appreciate the response.

I know y’all can’t control this process, but it’s dang frustrating.

Keep up all the great work. Bugs, glitches, and all CE is still by far my favorite game. Y’all area awesome.

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Still excited for the release on Xbox but this pretty much sums up everyones hype right now



And this is ridiculous two weeks and we still don’t have ours

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Servers are picking up on Xbox at least.

The PVP side have picked up from the low 1-6 people on them to around 14-20ish

Why can’t we get a straight answer about when the DLC will be out because Microsoft says they don’t have to recertify but I’m hearing everyone say that they had to have it re-certified

So what happens when pc and ps4 already have these things and for whatever reason Microsoft says no to cert and it just keeps failing. Does the Xbox version become different then the others? Do we get other new content? Is it just left how it is? Curiosity.

I hate the current process… MS needs to do something to improve their cert process… I’m to the point of calling them and making a formal complaint because their competition is beating them to the punch and I’m unable to play the latest greatest content. I can understand making sure an update or patch will not break my xbox but really, should it take this long without any transparency in the process??? Irritating at the very least.

Coming from a ps4 user, I really feel for you peoples. I hope you all get it real soon.

This is the reason why funcom has zero of my dollars. Bought the game off of an ebay seller for $10 USD sealed day one edition. Have not baught any dlc. Until I see some major improvements from the devs I’m not spending a single cent. The devs have such a bad rep and this game had so many problems before I got it is why I got it off ebay. They cannot even update their games correctly and have pushed dlc’s before addressing major bugs. Day one bugs like the first person glitch, purple tree textures upon start up, and getting stuck in large enemies (elephants, rhinos, etc.) are still present.

This TWO week delay in an update across one console is not helping their case.

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