The long hunt for Arcen Brokenfingers

Sepermeru got a total revamp in patch 1.40 (May 8th 2019).

I began my hunt for Arcen Brokenfingers when the patch landed and that’s pretty much everything I’ve been doing since then. According to Steam, I’ve been playing Conan Exiles for about 80 hours within last two weeks alone and boy have I murdered Sepermeru so very, very hard! I’ve captured/killed every named armorer in the city several times except for Arcen and Zoara of the Marshes.

Now, I know Arcen Brokenfingers has an abysmally low chance to spawn and I just could be very unlucky, but…

  1. have you seen him spawn after the patch?
  2. how many hours did you have to waste before you got him?

Seriously, I’ve summoned the avatar of Set for Journey, farmed 1000+ hearts (stored in 3 fridges) and 1000+ Slivers of the Unfulfilled, armed all my guards with flawless epic Turanian pikes (with close to non durability left), and I’m drowning in tar and processed human leather.

My resolve is being tested.

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14th kill - Gamm
27th - Than
42nd - Than again
46th - Gamm again
59th kill - success

77th - Than
98th - Arcen
128th - Hanar
137th - Diana
163rd - Arcen
180th - Arcen
193rd - Diana
220th - Silas

Didn’t get Zoara in the test but you get a named every 15-20 kills and I only tested the fixed armorer spot. There are a bunch of random ones as well but there the chance is lower so it pretty much comes down to luck.


Thank you very much, Narelle! It is comforting to know that my task is at least possible.

These days I give my companion thrall a truncheon and beat all the non-essential people silly. They stay down rather long and I only have to murder those specific spawns. That way the whole run last only about 7 minutes, which leaves me time to store my loot and to open treasure chests around the city.


Found him near the prison.

Zoara. My deepest love has, not shown her face since the Sep update.

Ita getting rather depressive. Shes the only one who makes what she makes.

Good luck with Mr Brokenfingers.

Hexsing, I found Zoara of the Marshes today. She spawned near the gate where Gilzan the Treasure Hunter likes to hang out. Unfortunately I’m a new forum user and thus cannot upload a screenshot. Zoara is not a unicorn!

I’m on my summer vacation now and it has enable some very unhealthy behaviour… Well over 100 hours in now and I often find myself chanting something along the lines: “Arcen Brokenfingers is life. There is nothing else but Arcen Brokenfingers. Arcen Brokenfingers is the promised messiah.”

Yeah. :robot:

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I will haunt that gate like a phantom looking for fresh souls!!!


I raided both mine from a base… :unamused:

This is the day when I finally got to suck the sweet nectar of victory straight out of a plump ■■■ of Derketo herself! I found Arcen Brokenfingers loitering near the group of three alchemists at Southlake. :partying_face:.

Thank you all for your support!


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