The Madness Challenge

You guys are nuts XD


why the heck u have not streamed such a challenge?
prefine a time in ur day and start twitching the whole challenge!!!

and at the end bind all silly deaths u had in a marvelous victorious video!!!

so please! next time anyone will come up with this challenge , set a twitch channel , announce it here and on twitch , set days and hours of streaming and kickstart something that we will enjoy watching ! XD

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Welcome to the forum m8 :metal:.
I cannot stream i am still playing on PlayStation 4 and i don’t have either the knowledge, either the equipment to do so.
I have a brand new ps5 and a 4k, but it’s on my son’s room for his summer vacations. He studies a lot and plays little, so i offered him gaming hours with some dignity. After all i am a gamer too but old enough to compromise with less or left overs you mame it :laughing:.
@SpherisCore however is outstanding and he has the equipment to do so. He already send me in the past fights and speed runs he has done and he is really good. If he makes a channel i will definitely watch him.

Ps @Ragnaguard1, for a minute i thought it was @Ragnaguard speaking, we got me in this one and i had to check your profile :grin:. Welcome again m8, nice to have you around :+1:t6:

I’ll think about it, but I do work 6 days a week currently :thisisfine:

Might re-do this whole challenge when Chapter 2 comes out, because they’re nerfing a key Perk for this challenge: Steel Thewed goes from 25% to 33% of your max HP, so you can get 3-shot instead of 4-shot :notlikethis:


Black Keep, Spooky Scary Skeletons are something to fear more than Tyros.

Killed this idiot on the way

And here we go, Well of Skelos

Rockfall Canyon, Easy Yeti N°2

Right above, White Dragon N°2

Bin Yakin’s Seal, Feast on Flesh - Got myself a useless Black Blood Pick and Skinning Knife :slight_smile:

The Scraps - Unwelcome Gift is indeed not welcome :slight_smile:

Jhil’s Roost - Act of Violence ain’t something I really need either, but I’ll take it nonetheless

Lockstone Cave, Shrouded by Darkness

Rotbranch right below the cave

If you ever wondered if there was anything interesting inside the pool in The Passage… Nope :slight_smile:

The uninteresting Locust

Real Locust, but still uninteresting

Croco near the Pirates

Split this idiot in half :slight_smile:

Got the cap’tain

This is still a thing btw

Demon Spider at the Wreck of the Martyr

Next Up: Sunken City and Witch Queen


I started with the midnight dungeon and then i head to the wine cellar! I didn’t want to speak in this topic a lot, the show has a leader and it’s @SpherisCore. But it’s chocking me…
Wtf is going on with the wine cellar??? This dungeon is reacting totally up side down. I saw the video Spheris uploaded for @LZB_Gattsu and i see the one i play on PlayStation and i can only ask why??? Wtf???
The agro is totally unstable, the skeletons fight the corrupted shellback boss and you find it nearly dead all the time, you have double spawns of bosses, they split in half like matrix and Thag do as he wishes, he is “hey i want to summon at once both of my rounds of minions”.
Anyway, i find love tap in there so @CodeMage came to my mind at once and 2 pristine weapons… Really??? In servers that i collect i never see a single piece and in this challenge that i drop my useless 2 pristine weapons??? Omg with this rng!
That’s for the wine cellar it needs definitely fixing, definitely!
Warmakers :confused:. The final battle has become unstable and ultra long for absolutely no reason. The boss is glitching to his teleport swings and you wait when he’ll decide to come back in fight… It needs fixing too!
I took a brake and spend some coins, watched the moon and got drunk in the tavern, i really miss the days that getting drunk we got strenth and vitality buff.
I fought the invisible rhino and finally took my momentum and went to finish the silver mine too. I return home, the chaos mouth is my home, and put some legendary weapons in one of the public chests of this map. Why do i store legendaries? I don’t know, call it sick habit but i can’t help it :rofl:.
Photos under.

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i am @Ragnaguard here. the original account was silenced till 18 september for reason i will send u in pm , cause i am obviously Greek and when i write something all tend to read it in an offensive manner and not in the way it was meant , so this account will be my voice till then!!!

shame u cannot stream it! would be hell of an entertainment to watch!!! XD

@sestus2009 ty also for the welcoming! but i aint a new one!!! XD ! i mention u here buddy just to see i am @Ragnaguard . :smiley:


Here we go again :notlikethis:
The Sunken City goes BRRRRRRRR :aaaaaa:

The Watcher Above

The idiot… I mean, Captain Below :slight_smile:

Dude that uses a Trident in the weirdest way ever :skull:

Planetarium Fish or something :ringer_planet:

Chestroom Fish :gift:

Fishing Fish? Kinda fishy… :fish:

And this one doesn’t know how to use daggers :roll_eyes:

Waiting for HP to regen from fall damage. Big big fish :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Fishes are down, be very careful with them, the blue one (and maybe the green one) has an instantaneous multi-hit that will one shot you :slight_smile:

And then another easy human fight because of knockdown, The Ritual Keeper

Palace of the Witch Queen, so easy it’s a joke…
It’s a shame, they could have made a cool fight with the lasers :frowning_face:

Reptilian Monstrosity

Fought both of the Silkwood Spiders at the same time :smiley:

Island right between Jungle and Desert, another Rotbranch

White Tiger directly north

@MarcosC’s Best Friend, the isolated Spider he often mentions :spider:

Xaltar’s Refuge - Archers are the real threat :slight_smile:

Sand Reaper Hive Queen N°2

Savanah White Tiger

And to end today’s slaying, the elephant in the room, Thunderfoot :elephant:

Recap of what we did so far (I might have forgotten something somewhere idk)


Both on archery challenge and this one i saw a change. It has 3 spawns of locust warms not 2, but no other spawns if you kill them.
Do you have the same reaction in pc?
In this dungeon the only worthing fight is the final stage, i even killed the guardian of the prisoners, he is on the right side when you enter the last stage.
All the fights in there are super easy, but in the final stage you have to be really careful with the agro. After the age of sorcery update they changed a lot the dmg that you take from archers. If you go there without the grit perk, archers can easily one shot you. I remember having a starting run and before i finish this run i was entering this dungeon just to take the deep fishing recipe and some scales. Archers were the easier to kill and the minions with weapons were hitting really hard and using the weapons correctly.

Rng bosses. Lagadara on new Asgard and Den werehyena boss. Then, did you went to face the avalanche close to the black keep ?

By far the most difficult situation in this challenge and archery challenge was the kurak dungeon. I do have lack of experience in this dungeon compared to all the others and maybe that’s why it’s difficult on the Zombie stage for me. I still don’t know all the spawns in this stage, so i don’t play with confidence. However, If you don’t manage to kill them or them kill you in a certain period of time they disappear in my console but it’s by far my most difficult situation on both of these challenges. In normal cases it’s an easy stage, but here i find lots of trouble, i felt weak for the very first time in this challenge.

Yes, same here on PC, there were 3 worms

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Those are 1-Skull, but I will get there for fun :slight_smile:

Pro-Tip: If you’re having trouble with Avalanches in melee, kill them with a bow before they reach you.
→ This only works with good gear though, bow, arrows, agility armor, elixir and food if you can too.

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They are invisible :man_shrugging:. Yet i think that there’s another rockslide there and i think it’s called avalanche. But they are invisible so much time that i have forgotten what really exists there.

Let’s a go :theworst:
Starting with the Crocodile at Priestking’s Retreat :crocodile:

Rhino Moment :rhinoceros:

Midnight Grove :pogchamp:
First, the Panther

Then, the Gorilla

Let’s add the annoying Bull

And finally, the Werewolf (Cool Jhebbal screenshot of course)

And now, the Wine Cellar!
Starting with the drunk idiot at the start

The Hero at the start

Khari Remnant Ⅰ

Undead Kappa (had to rush to hit it before it died to skeletons :skull:)

Bridge Khari Remnant

Khari Remnant Ⅱ

Khari Remnant Ⅲ

Ugly Demon Spider

And finally, Thag

While we’re doing dungeons, let’s finish this day with Klael’s Stronghold!
Starting up with the Gate Guardian (Archer Skeletons are the real danger…)

Shade of the Warmaker

Shade of the Archivist

Shade of the Priest King

He Who Walks Below

The still boring and unimpressive Arena Champion

Undead Dragon

True Champion of the Warmaker (The Kick hurts with ×10 DMG)

We’ve covered a fair amount of things already :open_mouth:
Next, we will do The Unnamed City and whatever is around, including The Dregs.
Also have to cleanup a few more things in the Desert area (a few crocos included)
I am still unsure how I will deal with Shattered Spring’s Rotbranch, but it will be at the end with some RNG spawns :slight_smile:


They are all slightly smaller than Rockslide, they are all 1-Skull, and it sucks for you that they are invisible on PS4/5 :crocodile:

There are about 8 of them at the Icespire Chasm, they used to be more troublesome before the HP nerf from Age of War :+1:


Yesterday i took a day off from gaming. Today i played a bit.
Invisible dragons, invisible yeti, but anyway, what must be done has to be done anyway :man_shrugging:.
Unfortunately i had no luck on lagadara and the spider in volcano.
Almost there!

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There was a reason i made the chaos home!

I grinded a bit the blue giants for hardened steel arrows and i saved one of many bows i looted. For this fight only!

I lured him outside, but he comes with company, yet…
It wasn’t enough for him to survive

Watch it! You must stay close to this point, if you make more steps back he returns back and you have to do it all over again.
Apparently he is the only boss that deserves this…

Because in all the other combats you decide where to fight, not them. But in this combat your choices are minimized!

About the rng spawns you can do nothing about it. Even if they spawn they again are no challenge at all.

3 bosses were remaining
The stupid locust like you said above

The second invisible king rhino

And the thunderfoot. This fight was a great mess so i left it to be the last one. We don’t only suffer invisible thunderfoot but invisible elephants in general. This chicken little s…t was going often to his minions and i had to fight his invisible minions too, but at the end…

It was a fight of eyeballs and hp bars. Zoom the photos and find his eyeballs!
For Bella it was time to leave exile lands once more, but like the giant says, this is just a dream, tomorrow she’ll wake up again in there

See you in Siptah :metal:

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Let’s see how difficult Siptah can be! My highest goal in this island is a sort sword. In exile lands this piece of art is missing, but in Siptah the variety is big. Agility build again and help us Crom! @SpherisCore i know you’ll hate me for my rng because my very first legendary was the mushasi, but wholeheartedly i wish you the same luck.
But between katana and sort sword in this challenge, i prefer sort sword. It’s one handed weapon and allows you shield or torch. I started NW to have a javelin from Arnos camp, the rest is flowing water…
Before photos, in Siptah we have sigils, we are truly beasts.
But except the start that it was on my way anyway, my most basic sigil is the outsider one. It removes corruption slowly and it will help a lot. The market is far and hearts of hero here are rare, so this sigil was a priority for me. I hope i wont die and loose it.
Photos under…

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This mofo drops the best Short-Sword by far, with RNG of course:

I’ll go complete the Exiled Lands later today, see you then :pogchamp:

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Let’s wrap this up on the Exiled Lands!
This is where we are right now:

King Scorpion in-between Sepermeru and the Unnamed City

Rockslide, most of the fight was nighttime :skull_and_crossbones:

King Scorpion north of the Unnamed City


Red Dragon north of the Unnamed City

Man of the Wall (was on my path, forget him) :slight_smile:

Demon Spider in Weaver’s Hollow

Croco under Mek’Kamoses’ Spire

Croco north of the Arena

The Executioner (this place is annoying)

This could have been the entrance to a whole dungeon :frowning:

The Arena’s Snake

The Arena’s Dragon

Giant Spider at Spinebreaker’s Flank

Let’s not forget Gallaman

Now Hanuman

With Valis the Loyal

Went there even if there is no boss, now I have the Scourgestone

Noob Crocodile

The Dregs and the Abyssal Remnant

Grabbed a Heart of a Hero before doing some non-Unnamed City things

The End of All Hope

Altar of the Bat

Awakened the funny Staff

I will take a break now, here is what remains:
• The Unnamed City
• Kurak’s Lair
• Shattered Springs’ Rotbranch
• Some RNG bosses like Ladagara, which I think I will just ignore to be honest :theworst:

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Like i said! Rng bosses are not challenge at all.
In this challenge i find more difficulty on kurak dungeon and volcano than all the others. The massive attack from minions is way more difficult than any boss exists in these lands.
Lagadara is nothing!
Finish them and come to Siptah, i need your wiki maps with the bosses. I don’t know Siptah like exile lands and these maps are useful for me now.

I killed him yesterday. But he is not a common jhil boss. He has the harpy feather attack and it ignores shield. Hopefully it got me on side and i left with 3hp. If i was in the middle of this attack i would be surely one shoted. This however brings a dilemma!
On grit build, we have 2 choices. The steel is handy for all the map bosses and progress but the shield is mandatory for harpies :confused:.
I see a great difficulty here there for i will leave the harpies for the end.