The magic green light of a dead body

So one of my friends always ask of we did be blind when searching for a dead body.
We never did understand why he was acting like that till he did send us a screenshot.

Anyone can explain how this is done or if its a bug?

This first picture is my point of view.

This 2nd picture is his point of view.

I also noticed it in some pvp videos.
I think this is a hugh advantage against the majority of players in our community.

To help you find your corpse. They added it awhile back. Not sure if there on-off related to “all can loot or anything”

Been thankful it kicks in on dark nights. XD

What he was actually on about is how you can get that green light because his friend sees it and he doesn’t. As far as I know, normal ps4s and ps4 slims can’t get that light while ps4 pro and ps5 have it by default. But there might be more to it which I don’t know about yet

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Exactly Tobi.

I have a old PS4 with just a new hard drive and i dont have that bright light.

My friend has a old ps4 and he has the light.

One of my other friend has a PS4 pro and he also doesnt have the light.

Also, the videos from (money making leon from extortion clan on youtube) show he had the light also.
Even on old videos where the PS5 wasnt released yet.

As far as we remember, we had the greenlight when we first played conan (+/- 2019) but somehow it did go away for us and we thought it was just changed by the game itself.

Its a advantage while pvping, because my mate sees death bodies from far away, its almost like a sign for him. “Yoo the death body is here, come loot it”

Did reask my friend.

He has a ps4 pro and a 4ktv.

Conan did get their balance update.
But ps4 pros have a advantage over the old ps4.
And ps5 have advantages over both of them. :woozy_face:

Both my Ps4’s are Older ones, (ones default 500gb, other has 2tb I shoved in it)

I see light on my corpse but not my brothers, same for him. He’ll see it himself, on his but never mine.

On the pro or the ps5 you will actually see the light on every corpse

So you have old ps4s that shows it?
Do you have a 4k tv?

Nope, One tv is 32ish inch from walmart, other is $400ish from bestbuy. Nothing all that special. (just has extra HDMI’s and refresh rate.

Yep I agree, this feature has been in place since I can remember. So helpful when you can’t find your body!

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