The Never Ending "Loading Screen" Story

Just watched the last 5mins of the stream because all I cared about was the decay question.

Dennis acknowledges people asking in the chat and the other 2 laugh like it’s a big joke that people cant play :unamused:. I don’t think if he even said anything it would have even brought up by the community managers. They were trying to wrap up that stream quickly.

Thank you Dennis Douthett for atlest acting like you cared.


After several zendesk reports I’ve given up on the official servers & now rented a g-portal 10 person server for PvE w/o idiots.
It’s “Mellow Mayhem” message me if you want the password.


05.45am GMT no access
09.23GMT no access
16.29pm GMT no access
22.06pm GMT no access


Bye bye Mibsys little world and my beautiful black ice castle that took me weeks in between work to farm for and build



what funcom is doing with ps4 players is unacceptable. we are always the last to receive the updates and do not fix the bugs of the pve servers for months we can’t get on the pve conflict servers my clan has just joined so we don’t lose the bases because it’s not possible to start from 12.00 and now after the update is not possible to enter any time and the funcom does not answer the servers will be empty. Conan has lost players due to funcom’s mistakes I don’t spend any more money on the game and if I lose my constructions because of funcom I will give up and advise other players to do the same


Yes I agree, the community managers probably shouldn’t be so nonchalant about such a widespread, and critical issue. @Spynosaur_Nicole @AndyB

I am glad the decay timers were mentioned though. Hopefully they are off now, it would have been very nice to get an update.

Let’s hope they have switched the timers off. But just keep trying to login as some people have reported that their decay timer restarts when they are stuck in the loading screen.

I think it’s something to do with the Sony authentication process. Funcom can upload an update to Steam instantaneously. Sony & microsoft have to verify the integrity of the update first. From what I understand this process becomes longer the more rejected patches a developer has.

Also the servers are run by a third party company (although they are in partnership with Funcom), so it’s not necessarily 100% under Funcom’s control.

(P.s. I might be wrong about all of that😂)

Popping in to apologize for seeming like we didn’t care or brushed it off. Certainly not our intent, but if that’s how it seemed then we’re sorry!

Please do note that just because it’s not mentioned on a stream doesn’t mean the team isn’t aware of it or not already working their collective behinds off on a solution. We’re looking into the ‘loading screen’ issue and the co-op issue now.

Edit: Believe us, we know these issues suck. As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know.

Edit 2:

I do believe we’ve switched decay off on PS4 PvE-C servers as of a few hours ago today. If it isn’t showing up then it should apply upon the server’s regular restart cycle. If it’s still an issue then please let us know, if at all possible (provided you or someone can actually get in)


Am i reading this right?? The decay timers are off?? Am i dreaming?




Thank you for turning the decay timers off I had a ton of time and what is a lot of money to me invested in this game to lose it to something like this. Plus it’s my favorite game and hobby


Thank you so much for that info @AndyB. That’s exactly the reassurance we needed.

I really do appreciate the entire Funcom team, and this community. I have complete faith that you guys will find a solution soon.

Have a great evening!


Andy, it’s not that I or we (the players) don’t think the FC team knows about issues.

We absolutely know that you know because we spam the forums, zendesk, twitter, ect, ect. It’s just the crys for help or an answer fall on def ears constantly. We on the console side of this game get the short end of the stick. I understand PC is the bread and butter but we all paid the same price for the game and DLCs. We have been complaining about this problem for months some of us a year. Only now after this update is action being taken on it after it’s a widespread issue.

Not to make this a book-long post but no one from the FC community team seems to want or can take part in the forum topics to discuss issues or even normal game-related conversation. That’s what leads to the mass frustration here. There is no real spokesperson on here that talks to the end-users. The forums in my option is just a place now to come and vent about the game with other people. There is no real “community” here ie. players connecting with the devs/powers to be at FC. As the manager, we are looking at you to change that. I’m not asking you to open up all the FC secrets and be hand in hand with us but man it would be nice to get a real response for once instead of the script the mods are told to post.

I can keep typing for the next hour but ill get off track. Anyways appreciate the apologie. Hope you all can keep your ps-pvec community after this #freezethecdecay


This is probably a discussion for a different topic or direct message, but I do get what you’re saying. This is all I’ll say about it in this thread since it’s off-topic.

Generally speaking, we as developers have to be mindful of where and when we post as that may end up causing distractions in topics (for example, people seeing a dev reply in one thread but not another, and then coming to that thread to derail it and ask for attention for another issue).

If we’re posting everywhere all the time, that potentially dilutes the impact or information folks want to see. As another example, if we’re posting a bunch here and socializing (which we do like to do), but then some folks who are solely looking for answers for an issue have to go through even more potentially irrelevant posts from us, and that could get frustrating. I hope that makes sense. That’s my perspective, anyway.

Basically, we (currently) like to keep a more deliberate presence on the forums for important messaging, acknowledgements, and announcements. If you find us on Discord (such as the unofficial Conan Exiles discord, or the modding discord, chances are you’ll find more social chatter from community staff and developers alike.

Always open to feedback though. Thanks for that, and thanks for accepting my apology. :slight_smile:


Im glad they turned off the decay timers, I hope everyones bases are okay. Im sure mine is gone, its been over a week that I couldn’t get in… Let us know here if youre good and your base is still standing!


I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you🤞.
If you did attempt to load in, and were at your main base. Multiple people have reported that this resets their decay timer.
So don’t give up hope just yet…

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I fully understand and thank you for taking the time to actually reply back from a business point of view.

Ill have to get on that discord channel I was not aware that existed.

See look at us talking it’s refreshing :slight_smile: Now you have to go comment on the 45 threads on sandstone spamming or they will feel left out.


I would end up in the desert from dying over and over so login in doesn’t help.

But I got kicked from the game on Monday when they applied the patch so my base should be ok thankfully.

I think everyone is more at ease with decay off. We can come back in a week when they solved the issue. If its a software issue that means another patch that has to get approved by sony :roll_eyes:

Yes Ive noticed that too. However we would have started off in our bases. So we can only hope for the best.

Sounds like you should be fine now though, hopefully everyone else will be too🤞

Ok so this is again raising hopes of possibly not losing everything so Im at a good spirit waiting to be able to try all the new things of the update. Huge thanks for everyones efforts on this fellow exiles :blush: , party at my place 3052 when we all can access again.


Hi @AndyB and @Community , many thanks for taking the time to pop in and apologise, as you can probably see, it means a lot to us all!

To put this into perspective, from the perspective of a 53 year old mom who also works, gaming is a passtime that I enjoy, but the last time I played any game before two years ago was Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sony Megadrive, so I am likely not your typical gamer.

I personally, especially during the past year, have been playing as a distraction from the fear of having to go out to work everyday, the worry that we all have in the back of our minds about Covid and what it might do to those I love and care about, and the very simple fact that gaming is probably the only socialising I am able to do for the time being. Planning what I am going to build or do ingame when I get home from a stressful day at work has been the one little thing I have been able to distract my mind with whilst being “out there” lol

You creators devise games that deliberately suck players in, get us emotionally invested in through time and effort with our base creations, things we earn and create ingame and the sense of community with fellow server members, both friend and foe alike. Coming into my game is like settling down into my home for me.

So please don’t be surprised when your passionate player base suddenly goes up in arms when something like this occurs, we get that things can go wrong, I have yet to see a game that hasn’t had it’s share of issues from time to time, but for the company to appear to be completely ignoring the same issues over and over can and does feel like a massive insult .

There is a danger that the message your company is sending out overall is coming across like…Hey I am sorry the car we sold you doesn’t work, we are aware, but hey look, we have a new model we are working hard on, why not buy that instead!

You are not the only gaming company with similar issues ( and don’t even get me started on the likes of Microsoft and their constant PC breaking updates!, oh how I wish I could win the lottery and sue them but thats a whole different issue!) and I know there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we do not get to see , but a little more info or even acknowledgement would be good to see, you could so easily be THE gaming company with a reputation for listening to it’s player base and responding swiftly, so thank you again for the apology and update, I hope the decay timers have indeed been turned off, although I am bracing myself for the loss of my castle.


I am not sure if this has been mentioned or not, but this occurred to me yesterday as I was rebuilding my empire on 3827; If there are 6 servers, and 1 of the 6 servers is working as expected, perhaps looking at the settings, configuration, and current status of the working server, and comparing those data points with the non-working servers, one could diagnose what the issue is.