The Never Ending "Loading Screen" Story


06.00am GMT no access to server 3041
17.52pm GMT still no access to server 3041… decay well and truly happening now :frowning:

I wanna ride through the desert on a horse with no name

Build a house called the Rising Sun

Wear my Royal Lemurian armour dress on a date with Conan

Invite him home to my Castle for some fun


Don’t come online tonight
Well it’s bound to take your life
There’s a bad moon on the rise


Please please for the love of Yog fix the servers, else I’ll be forced to conjure up even worse poetry!



We still don’t have an ETA on the decay timer. We will continue to investigate and update this thread once we have news.

Apologies for the wait and thanks for your patience.


There once was a game I could play
At the loading screen stuck it
After ten minutes I said f*** it
Now what will I do with my day


So, one says yes, one says no as to whether the decay timers are paused??

I was actually feeling happy earlier today!


The server command was sent yesterday, but it appears an issue is causing the setting to not actually stick, which is incredibly frustrating. We’re looking into the matter.


@AndyB @Mayra may Yog be with you in the desperate times


I guess it was too good to last. I have been on PVE-C 3827 since release. It was nice to see all the new faces in the past few days.

I logged off for lunch and now I have an endless loading screen trying to get back in.



Nothing but bad news today :disappointed:


Further to my last and FWIW, I’ll add this;

  • I had been tearing down a bunch of T3 walls and rebuilding with stone to accommodate the new benches

  • I was crafting many of the new benches, placing them and moving them around a lot

  • My personal inventory is about full to the max

Perhaps this means something to someone

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well I went to bed last night thinking all was good and decays stopped but then I read the updated posts :pensive:

I know its a lot of work but does FC have access to these servers on the back end or is it all Gportal? Why I ask is just shut the servers down absolutely no one can get in so it’s not harming anything. You can then take backups and restore them when the fix happens. Just a thought.

Iv never worked with a server company that you couldn’t apply server settings real time and reboot on command. Its almost like everything with Gportal is done with a script that is on a scheduled task.


I couldn’t even make this stuff up that’s how ridiculous it is

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Someone give funcom a potion of bestial memory immediately!


3827 is now infinite loading screen for me as well.


How many FC employees does it take to gather yellow lotus :yum:


One thing I have always wondered, maybe someone here has an answer.

When people complain about having issues with Official servers, a frequent response is "play on privates“

My question is, if both private and official servers are hosted by G-portal, why is the private server experience regarded as better than the official server exprience?

I guess another way to ask this question would be, If private PVE-C servers are up and running, why aren’t the official PVE-C servers?


Now that sounds like a very good question to me…

Because I would rather pay a bit more for a game to be safe in the knowledge I could actually log in to play it for at least a year

There seem to be a few computer wizards here… how come it has been possible for me to buy 2 weeks holiday from a pc game , whereby no one could attack me etc unless i logged in withih those two weeks, yet nowhere have I seen this option with a PS4 game? Surely a lot of folks would pay for this, I know I would, it shouldn’t mess with any devs ideal of a game model, and to be honest who wants to lose 3 years work just because they maybe chose to get married over one week?

Server 3053 resident here.

I had an outpost which decayed, but somehow my base had stayed intact. That being said I have been unable to log-in for the last week, so… not feeling good about my chances here…

(I have the standard Slim PS4)

Suspending decay timers would really help.

Not dying from thirst or hunger and respawning in the desert would to, but maybe that’s pushing it, heh.

Just wanted to say thanks to all those trying to get this issue fixed, thanks all, you’re awesome.


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FWIW, I keep hearing that G-portal is crap in general. I haven’t had a private server of my own yet, but I know several private server admins and they don’t have a very high opinion of G-portal.

Simple. Private servers have dedicated admins.


I too just experienced that today. 3827 has now taken a crap as well. It took me 48 hours to get to level 41 since I started a new character there. Oh well, at least I only invested 2 days, unlike 3829 where I invested years.

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