The Never Ending "Loading Screen" Story


If the problem is PVE-C related just change the server to normal PVE temporarily.


So I and five others are in PVE-C 3827 right now although it took quite a long time to load all the new benches I placed yesterday.

@phloid this is good news indeed.

I wont be able to attempt a login for another 6 hours, I really hope I can get in! :sweat_smile:

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It normally takes 10-20 mins to load in my game (When i can actually get in the server).

I boot up conan and walk away make apot of coffee get the mail. Wash my car… let the dogs outside… then maybe after that I start seeing things spawn in. lol I have a huge base so I deal with it.

It is currently 19:15 in Oslo, Norway.

Are staff still working on this issue, or has work concluded for the week?


Hey there, this issue is still being investigated, but we cannot offer any estimate or guarantee on a timeline for a solution at this moment. It pains us to say that but we’d rather set the expectation than leave you hanging. I’m sorry.


I appreciate the response. I wouldn’t want you to make any promises you could not keep.

I may not be happy with answer, but if, as you say, it is still actively being worked on, that is really all I can ask.


Indeed, we’ll continue working within our capabilities alongside G-Portal and as soon as we have updates, we’ll let you know. Thank you for your patience.


What if the servers are being attacked with distributed denial of service? Has anyone ever thought that the G-Portal servers are being DDoS’d? :thinking:


Just PVEC servers? lol they must have a serious grudge about someone looting their decayed base :slight_smile:


Yes, G-Portal thought of that. I’m pretty sure they have DDOS protection on all of their servers.
That’s not to say there isn’t exploits which can crash servers. But as far as I’m aware, that would not be continuous… I’m sure they will figure it out soon.


While it’d be nice to be able to excuse the issue on a malicious attack, I do believe this one’s actually on us. :sweat_smile:


@AndyB when the Isle of Siptah drops for console, i’d like to hear you guys say “DLC codes on us” :grin:


10.44am GMT no access to 3041
22.47pm GMT still no access :frowning:

I warned ya!

Conan, oh Conan wherefore art thou Conan???

Looks like good news on the decay timers front, well done and thank you for the updates @AndyB and @Mayra and major thanks to @LordKAA for kicking us all into a collective action!


At 15:30 US CDT, I was able to log in to 3827.
After 1.5 hours of playing, I had to log out.

When I tried to login at 18:30, I was stuck at loading screen.

While in the game earlier, I checked the event log; it appears that while I was staring at the loading screen yesterday, my character was in the game waiting for me, then died, presumably to hunger and thirst as I had logged out in an enclosed building.


Appreciate the update on this matter. Thanks @Mayra Thanks @Community

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The pve conflict suits me perfectly, I don’t have endless loads and the server is full.


You’re welcome. I did nothing really, but I appreciate the recognition.
We have managed to keep this (sort of) on topic, and not turn to toxicity/ Dev bashing. With 200+ posts now I think that might be a forum record. So thanks everyone!

We were aware that #3952 was still active hence the influx of new players. Unfortunately it may suffer the same fate as #3827. But I’m glad it’s currently still accessible.

Did you respawn at your base, or in the desert?


The only solution that I see is to eliminate the servers without conflict and put them back, for people who have things on those servers it is a big annoyance but in the long run I think they could enjoy those servers again

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I was actually thinking this the other day when it was at 150 posts. I still thank @AndyB for jumping in briefly. I believe he actually helped keep this thread positive and on target. If a thread like this was just ignored and we got the same old “We understand it’s being looked into” explanation it might have veered off into dev bashing.

PlayStation Community Unite! :star_struck: