The Never Ending "Loading Screen" Story

I’m not playing right now

a 3 GB update will definitely not fix the error

Infinite loading screen still exits! I’d like to get into 3041 before the end of the year. Maybe 2023 it’ll happen.


I was just about to ask if it was fixed, because i couldnt get home yet. But I guess I dont have to check anymore.

Now I see reports of the game studdering every 5 seconds again lol.


As far as I could see, I could not see my altar, it was around 4lat, 10long, just below the river in the desert, just got an update so maybe …? :rofl:

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Thank you all for your patience and support over these past months. The matter is being extensively investigated and tested by our team. However, we still don’t have an ETA on it.

Thank you all for sticking with us.


wtaf??? was all that lot about?

I come here to read all the possible methods being applied to get me, my friends AND my enemies back into the game we love, NOT to watch some random outsider tryin to take over our thread!

Many thanks for keeping us in the loop, I cannot believe that maybe something as simple as one digit or symbol changed in the coding can cause soo much grief lol, I only ever learned a basic amount and have forgotten a lot of that, but I do remember tracing errors was not the easiest of tasks, I can only imagine in my nightmares how tough an entire games worth must be!

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If anyone can get in and has the time, I have a large Black Ice castle build between New Asgarth and a large NPC canyon place in the desert area, approx 9, and on the line between E and F, had only just finished building it, so really hoping I can one day get to see how it fares in a purge!

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Not sure if this will help :slightly_smiling_face:

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that will be up to the server provider

who are your friends and enemies ?! So we are represented on Siptah and have already run into each other

Untill I am able to walk into my hard won and time consuming Castle build on my beloved 3041, I have absolutely no intention of risking wasting my time and money on Siptah, no offence

I was looking forward to trying out all the new workbenches etc that were promised with the update that killed access to our server… had this all not occurred, then would already be enjoying Siptah!


Funcom make nothing, he says only we work hard, but no one need over 6 months for solve a problem. I think funcom dont will help us. my depression is more i have not a idea what i can do. i cant go out from my home, i have a agoraphobia. i look to my room left side right side. i dont now i will die.


auf welchem ​​server bist du auf siptah? Ich habe auch siptah gekauft, aber der Server, auf dem ich mich gerade befinde, ist voller Claim-Spam

on the 8024😁

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Ich glaube, ich habe dort schon einen Charakter erstellt… schaue ich später nach…

what’s with that claim spam? also on 8024. so new players can never start anything

no idea. I also find it impossible. I hope it will be reported and responded to. one has started and everyone else is imitating. there are still great building sites. :grin:

it just has to be reported.