🔥 The New Age of Conan [Challenging Slow Progression PvE Server]

Embark on a journey on the brand new Gameoneer community’s Conan Exiles server!

Our players are mature 18+ people who enjoy exploring the Exiled Lands during their free time.


• 24/7 PvE server
• Optional PvP arena fights
• Slow exploration-driven progression (killing mobs is the main way to level up)
• Challenging PvE experience (enemies deal more damage, followers are weaker, team play is recommended for world boss fights)
• Unique Royal status & player tournaments*
• No mods

*Reach level 60 to earn Royal status and get access to The Palace, including a special role on our Discord channel. All Royals can compete in the tournament for the one and only King or Queen status.

The server is great for beginners or veterans who enjoy challenging experience and want to explore the game at a slow pace.

Server location: UK, Europe.

How to join the server:

  1. Join Discord: Gameoneer
  2. Pick coop role on the ‘Start Here’ channel
  3. Visit ‘Pick Your Games’ channel and pick the Conan Exiles Player role
  4. Enter ‘Pick Your Server’ channel and pick The New Age of Conan
  5. Visit ‘The New Age of Conan’ channel and check the pinned message for info.

Will you become the Royal of the Exiled Lands?

*** yawn ***

Sometimes players need some good rest! Just a moment from our server life.

Look who I found

Anderes, the Spider Slayer

One of our server players shared this.

That was close.

(One moment from the server)

Fighting The Executioner for the first time (boss damage is increased by 400% to thralls)

The giant crocodile boss almost killed my strongest thrall…

The most intense boss fight we’ve had so far!