The "new graphics" is a downer for me

Played the game since the beginning and rented dedis as long as it’s been possible, no more if this keeps up.
The changes that affects games graphics was a big mistake imo, game now looks bad even on Ultra and is starting to look more or less like so many other survival games. The beauty of Exiles graphics was one of the things that made it really worth it to me. Currently it looks like someone is trying to compress items, buildingpieces etc into less space than they need. Kinda like when you try to tweak a picture in pixels and it goes all crazy wrong and becomes the worst result ever…


I don’t see why anyone would have flagged it - seems a perfectly polite criticism to me - maybe a little hyperbolic, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to get your point across.
I don’t know about looking ‘bad’ (at least most of the time), but I definitely feel like the graphics aren’t as good as they were. I figured at least some of it was my old machine struggling. Worst I’m encountering is when it stops raining in the jungle - the whiteness rises far too high now. But there does also appear to be more fogginess at distance than I remember. That said, the new lava textures up at the volcano feel really threatening, and water seems to be looking much better than before as well. I still find it a beautiful game overall, but I won’t deny that I’m finding some graphical flaws that maybe didn’t used to be there.

Would be awesome if instead of “game look bad,” you gave examples of what you feel needs improved. Otherwise, I literally have no idea what you are referring to. If I don’t, do you think the dev team will?


From what I can see, old Ultra settings are now Cinematic settings. And the current Ultra settings are just like the old High. :thinking:

Quality settings have been stretched by one point. The extreme points have not changed much.


I can’t really explain it much better besides saying npc’s, thralls and ie foundations, walls etc look like they have been attempted to be “scaled slimmer” yet have the same amount of context in them so they end up looking weird…

So it is the new re-scaling(thats what i ment when i mentioned images anbd pixels as an example) thats made things look really bad and weird for me.

I think you are onto what i was referring to…the re-scale has made alot of things look bad and weird compared to before.

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yes, cinematic mode on PC looks pretty much the same as the ps4 version did 1 year ago.
if not worse. :frowning:

is there a mod to boost the draw distance and the grass density? (for single player at least)

No mod needed. Go to steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Config\ and pick DefaultScalability.

There will be different options, like shadows, foliage, postprocess, etc., each has its “tier” - 0 means low, 1 medium, etc. If you are playing on ultra, that will be the fourth coloumn in every aspect I mendioned above as examples. If you search in that .ini file for “grassdensity” drawdistance", you’ll find them and edit for your liking.

I can’t remember for the exact numbers right now sorry, but I will take a look at it later if you need a bit of help.

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Climb to the top of many mountains. They have floating iron ore nodes and low-tier textures there. They obviously made the choice to nerf textures/poly count on mountain tops. Can’t say how extensive it is across the whole map, but I for one thought it looked awful. Granted, it is way up where “most” people won’t see it often. Even your feet fall through the terrain there now because it’s so wonky. There were a lot of little changes that, really took away from the “amazing” graphics Conan used to have. I can’t really argue for or against it though. Reality is that game requires resources to run/grow and some corner cutting does make sense. Can’t say I am happy with all of it, but I do understand. R.I.P Glorious Graphics. Most of the game still looks pretty fantastic though.


For me the weather could use some work, in the north the rain makes everything dark and red, in the jungle it’s all white.

While it’s anecdotal, I’m running a medium range setup and, graphically speaking, everything seems to look better. Not to mention both my lag spikes and res/load times have dropped significantly. This would follow with your stated argument.


They changed stuff again !?
It looks even worse now…

Cinematic settings look pretty awesome to me. Been playing since 2017.