The new Orochi logo

Judging from the MoM gameplay trailer, the Orochi logo got a little upgrade (taken from the computer screen at 5:01) :


As the little extra wedge on the bottom right corner feels “off” to me, I wouldn’t like to see this retconned into SWL. Or maybe it’s an alternate reality ?

It’s the same variation that they’ve been using on their website, only that one’s missing the Japanese writing.

Maybe a new corporation joined the fold…that would be interesting…

It’s the same logo used in the topbar of the website (minus the Japanese characters of course)
But it’s not the same one we are used to seeing daily for years in TSW or SWL (unless there are also two in game)
It’s perhaps easier to update the web one than it is the one that’s used in game on already used assets?
I mean, going to all the trouble to update a logo in SWL would probably stall content releases for an excessive amount of time…

It’s even different on the image the website uses to show Orochi Tower - and that is on their website.
Easy to see there are two logos.
Both different.

Perhaps there were two all along…

@Svella Nothing gets past your keen eye eh lol

oh, that’s true. I never noticed that particular one and thought this was the only one they used.

Nevermind then, and who cares about consistency :slight_smile:

That’s definitely the one we’re most familiar with. I couldn’t even tell you off the top of my head if the variation is used anywhere in-game at all. Which makes it even more peculiar that Moons of Madness is using it instead of the more common one.

Of course, it’s not unusual for companies to change their branding. But they don’t normally use both logos at the same time.

Perhaps the artist working on MoM was only given the website as a point of reference for the Orochi Group.

I had a look in a few other places i could find orochi’s, and i can only find one logo.
The hunt continues…

It could also be a deliberate design change, like it could be explained in MoM perhaps in it’s story.
Each corner say, being a representation of a head (i.e CEO or something similar) in that serpent like coil.

At some point, we lost one - or one was gained?

I guess only time will tell.
Well spotted tho either way i say.

Did a simple Google image search on the logo to see some examples. This came up:

I can’t find any publish dates on the products, but his account is from 2016. Does this version of the logo exist outside MoM, in SWL or an ingame website? Or is it possible this was traced from a recent MoM trailer or something like that ?

Edit: Here’s the artwork…
Is it possible that this is actually the original and the artists of MoM snagged this for the game? That would be amazing !

from Feb - 2013


Seems there are two logos since 2013 at least

Considering the timescale between 2012/2017 and 2063 or whenever it’s set, that notch isn’t too big a change. Consider the changes the Google logo has undergone in recent years:

Speaking of Google, a bit of google-fu reveals the Japanese word next to the logo says “Serpent” (and is said, “Hebi”).

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Funny that isn’t it :smiley:

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I did wonder if that was intentional when I searched to see if anyone else had mentioned it :stuck_out_tongue:

It could be a nod to another famous serpent, the Hydra. When it loses one head, Orochi loses a corporate head with the imprisonment of Lilith, two grow back in its place.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the secret world is time-locked in a perpetual ‘Groundhog’s Day,’ so it wouldn’t be incongruous to not have changes affect what we see in our travels.

I have to say it was completely unintentional to mention it, but when i typed it, it made me think of “the eight headed serpent” so i left it as is.
Completely coincidental that the Japanese chars refer to Serpent, but kudos on the design of the Orochi logo as it is “serpent” like.


HAHAHA - I didn’t even look that up, never thought to.
Also i just saw
Susanoo slaying the Yamata no Orochi , by Utagawa Kuniyoshi

I used to think there was a connection between Susies Diner of KM and Susanoo’s Diner in Tokyo
have no idea if there is, but i like reading this - thank you :smiley: