The new performance patch broke Conan Exiles on ALL versions of Steam Proton

Prior to the recent performance patch, Conan Exiles seemed to work on every version of Steam Proton. Now it works on none of them. It won’t even let me get as far as the start screen. There doesn’t appear to be an obvious way of downgrading to an earlier version.

I have to ask:
Is there a way to revert this game to an earlier version that I have personally confirmed works on Linux Mint via Steam Proton, or do I just have to live with the fact that not accepting spyware on my computer (Windows is in fact spyware - the telemetry data they collect is so intrusive that it should be illegal) means developers are going to routinely break software that I paid for, with no option to downgrade to an earlier version that actually works?

I’m not going to let Microsoft force their invasive data collection practices on me - and if that means not being able to run certain games that’s fine. Where I absolutely draw the line is having things work one day, and an involuntary update means it stops working the day after, and there’s no way to revert back to an earlier version that actually works.


This has nothing to do with your version of Steam. A lot of people are reporting fatal error crashes, from official servers, private servers and now people can’t even launch the game.


I’m glad to know it’s not just Steam Proton then.

People are reporting issues on consoles too. It seems like this was an update that should’ve never gone through, and not being able to revert to an earlier version is rather insane.

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Yup, same for me and all my friends on steam. Can’t play. Fatal error on start up.


Stability patch =D ffs and they ban people for land claim, didnt even check the base or whatever, non of this people care about players :smiley:

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Greetings Everyone,

We are aware of the situation and currently looking into it.
In the meantime we’ve posted the following messages with some workaround steps as well.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we look into this.


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