The NPC's passive time in PVP is NOT realistic

Seriously, I would love to meet the genius that came up with this. So I have all these thralls and people can safely climb my walls and steal everything that isn’t inside a building. It’s just annoying, not realistic at all. The thralls only become useful after 5pm and even then they are easy to kill, because they DON’T scale to their owners level. The game is full of bugs, but this is just unacceptable. I was even able to open someones door, I didnt steal anything, but if I could do it, well, its just not safe… It was a bug, but anyone can get it. Another thing that is unacceptable is older players in a server being blocked entry because SERVER is full. Seriously? I apologize for any inconvenience , but can you please mske the game more realistic ? At least the thralls, just make them attack intruders please. Oh and we should be able to make groups with people from different clans, like we do in ALL other online games.

Higher level players should recruit higher tier thralls; that’s the “level scaling” you want.

As for AI intelligence, well, there’s definitely room for improvement there.

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