Thrall self defense

Come on, give the thralls the ability to defend themselves outside of raid time in scouting mode. I got ambushed on a teleport which i don’t mind but what really gets me is the fact that my thrall was killed with palisades. She couldn’t do anything but stand and i couldn’t obviously get to her since she was surrounded with palisades. I know i could have rescued the thrall but the gear would still be lost.


Oh and i just realized that the thrall can’t even be rescued when recently attacked. Honestly, that’s just ridiculous.

Yeah, you shouldn’t be able to place palisades close to spawns and definitely not in combat.


Unfortunately the knowledge comes with pain in this game, especially official pvp. Stay there but not invest a lot, just to know what you dislike, so when you’re going to choose a private pvp server to know what and why some rules exist so to be followed. A lot more to come, patience. But accept it as knowledge, at least it’s what I did and when I was “ready”, I throw a big black stone on official pvp and never return. Pvp is really good in privates, for me at least.
But nothing of this says that I am right, people love to play this way and I totally respect this and them too, I just don’t :man_shrugging:. My bad not theirs.


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