The PS Pro Choice Between Buildings and NPCs

The new update has brought a lot of changes. Many are good, however, there are several problems.

I play on a PS4 Pro, external SSD drive, with an actual disk. Ever since 2.3, buildings have loaded in slowly. With 2.4, the load time has increased exponentially. I sat outside my base for almost 10 minutes waiting for even a door to appear.

I switched to Boost Mode, and that helped the buildings, but then NPCs in camp did not appear. I killed one, and all I saw was his name plate hovering. Even when I turned it off, dead NPCs did not appear on screen until I ran out of the area and returned. It’s hard to level up the Nest of Zath when you can’t even get the blood necessary.

I hate the over use of the word ‘unplayable’, but this situation makes the game almost unplayable. If not for my familiarity with the map, and where every single animal is, I would be approaching play with a lot of caution. Forget Siptah. I don’t know that map at all.


Thank you for your report.
Can you try to use the troubleshooting tool suggested here:

Please get back to us if the issue still persists.

My PS4 is hard wired. Conection speed is 294 Mb/s down, 6 up.

It is worse today playing online. I waited 5 minutes for a relatively small base.

These two pictures were taken 15 minutes apart in the same location. I rode up on horseback both times.

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