The Purge 3.0 something to increase the purge bar

Will there be anything to increase the purge as it has in siptah now with 3.0? I would very much like to have something, magic or an altar to be able to do this. I think the purge is the best thing in the game I would really like to be able to fight with the purge many times, because as a solo game it takes a long time to reach the bar normally.

Nothing that I saw in the patch notes but how about purge rates increase with level you are?

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me encantan las purgas igual me gustaria que hubiera mas y mas intensas pero son muy tardadas

Exactly, I play alone in the clan ends up taking a long time to get the purge to come, I can only play a few hours at night, there had to be something that could help with that

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In Siptah you can use the convergence trap to trigger or prevent a purge. You load it with Eldarium and off you go.

Or are you asking if there’ll be something like that in Exiled Lands? I hope so… I’m the opposite of you, I hate the purge and wish I could just cancel my purge bar when I want to!

Are not some of the “events” coming to the Exiled Lands going to create a system for acquiring Siptah stuff?
Would this not facilitate convergence traps?

Also, very brief aside, the convergence traps uses essences rather than eldarium to cause or prevent purges.

Seeing the convergence traps and thrall cages coming to Exiled Lands would be very nice.

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