Will convergence traps be in the Exiled Lands on the 27th?

I play on PS5 so I have never used a convergence trap, but have been trying to learn as much as I can before the update comes out. I can’t seem to find anywhere if this will be released on Exiles as well at the same time Siptah is released. I’m also curious to know the materials needed for the process, as the materials needed for it on Siptah aren’t currently available in the Exiled Lands? This convergence trap can really help with the thrall cap, as you definitely won’t need as many fighter thralls with being able to control exactly where the purge will happen. Very excited for this change, it will make collecting thralls much easier and hopefully solves some other issues in the process!

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I hope we can use it on EL to i feel like the convergence trap is gonna be my favorite feature can’t wait till tomorrow probably not gonna sleep :zzz: for days :sleeping:must keep playing game. Lol

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Interesting question. If it becomes available then you’ll have to find the fuel for it.
I wonder what would drop the ??? in exiles land!

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I’m very interested to see also, I know very little about Siptah and the resources and how difficult it is to get that particular one, so I have no clue what the equivalent would be in Exiled Lands. Maybe Demon Blood is an equivalent resource? Or maybe something a little more difficult like Khari Steel or Armour Scraps? I’d definitely prefer Demon Blood!

Agreed, I will not be sleeping this weekend!

If you have the Siptah DLC, then it is only usable on single layer and privates. But the trap and fuel will need to be admitted in. So on privates the admins would have to supply them to players on thier exile servers.

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