The reduced value of Dungeons/Caves


The game needs to make the dungeons and caves useful and exciting again. Each new update further reduces the value or use of dungeons and caves.

Sunken City

Without the armor buffs, the Sunken City pearls are useless as the Shield of Zabweth no longer offers harvesting buffs. The Sword of N’Ruka is low on the damage end and craftable swords offer more damage output.

Black Keep

Now that the Telith’s Sorrow took a massive damage nerf, there is no point farming the Heart of the Kinscourge. Craftable swords offer more damage output. Get Silent Legion recipe once, no need to go back.

Frost Temple

Now that the Black Ice weapons took a massive damage nerf, there is no point using the Black Ice furnace. Craftable swords offer more damage output.

Unnamed City

Oils. Oil of bounty give lower performance than Advanced Tool kits. Pointless to spend the fragments to get them.

Jhil’s Roost

Now that we can buy Black Blood tools, harvesting the cave is pointless. You can’t repair them, so black blood is mostly useless.


You can craft stronger armor than Godbreaker and again, as most of the buffs are gone and you can craft Voidforge Dragon armor which is way stronger, Godbreaker has little value other than looking cool. I use it as illusionary, which is absurd for dungeon armor.

Executioner’s Cave

Same issue with the strength nerf. Executioner’s Hood is now useless.

Wine Cellar*

Khari armor is average at best. Farming for Steel means you don’t need to hit the end boss at all once you have the recipes.

The Passage*

Unless I’m missing something, this has always been useless as a dungeon.

The Dregs

The recipe is on a tablet to the right as soon as you enter. No need to run the dungeon.

Palace of the Witch Queen

Get Lemurian recipe once. No need to go back.


Far too much work to get obsidian tools when Black Blood or Star Metal are cheaper and easier to get.


New Asgarth

Half the thralls are gone with the AoW update. Far too easy to walkthrough.

The Summoning Place

Half the thralls are gone with the AoW update. Far too easy to walkthrough.

Mounds of the Dead

Half the thralls are gone with the AoW update. Far too easy to walkthrough.


Yeah the combat “rebalance” is probably one of the worst blunders I’ve seen yet from this development team.


Thats why i play siptha much more endgame conten

Advanced Tool Upgrade Kit grants +3 Harvesting Power.
Oil of Bounty grants +9 Harvesting Power.

Farming the Unnamed City also has other uses than just Fragments, I think it’s one of the locations that still remain interesting.

That was one of the worst decision they ever made, not only making Legendary Weapons easily purchasable, but also the unique and hard to access Black Blood Tools! I still farm the cave, I refuse to buy because it’s just nonsensical to have simply given away those rare items for free to everyone…

Yep agree on those, lost a lot of value in the update.
Gonna go into more details for the others that are more or less still interesting.

The Wine Cellar is good to farm Fragments of Power, but also the Scythe of Thag is the only Legendary 2H Axe on the Exiled Lands, so it can be worth farming (despite the super low 6.25% drop rate).

Executioner’s Weapons are not very interesting either, because with the HP nerf the Execution effect gets less value. Also Aja’s Bane now having the effect and being in normal Legendary Chests…

These two have always been uninteresting, just a small part of the story for the keystone.
The Passage is still good to farm spiders and crystal, as well as providing a shortcut, but clearly not a dungeon.

There are also recipes at the end of the Dungeon, although they are terrible.
Still, the Dregs are the most reliable source of Abysmal Flesh, which was useful to level up some pets… But since pets are now decorative, Abysmal Flesh is just something you cook for extra ichor :notlikethis:

I like that some of the NPC’s have had their weapons changed up as it has made some encounters a bit tougher. I did lose a level 20 thrall that got pinned to a wall and had bleeds stacked on it. But with the massive cut in NPC thralls, it still isn’t a major threat.

I tried it with Goldstone at the volcano Sunday. Black Blood pick with upgrade 27 average. Black Blood Pick with Oil 21 average. I know the stats say otherwise, but the oil was worse for harvesting. Could just be broken.

All dungeon weapons/Armor and recipies need to be buffed completely agree.

Thank you, really. Even if i learned something that it doesn’t exist anymore, thank you. It’s so nice to learn something new after all these years, thank you again :metal:.

Me too :laughing:, but mostly because i love these caves. And i really enjoy the great comeback of the act of violence. Ofcurce it’s not the old one but it’s become useful at least :man_shrugging:.

Have you cooked it and use it on your own? I watch the rp videos of @Kilix and i noticed him using it. I say what the heck, let’s cook some and it’s rewarding :wink:. Not the best, but for a player who just start the game it’s pretty good food.
Same goes for the Lemurian armor recipe you gain from the palace. You can have from the very beginning of the game epic armor pieces that you can repair on your own inventory with just some leather.

There are some things that’s there more for pvp reasons than pve and the opposite , it’s always been this way in this game, nothing new!
Devs do nerfs and upgrades just to bring the game in their own direction. Before this update nobody would use a mace in pvp servers and now? Day 2 of the update i will read the first complain from pvp side “remove the one shot mace it’s ridiculous”.
Then again hammer lights with hanumans gada on a full encumbrance build is promising enough to place hammers high in the chain of pvp weapons.
So closing this paragraph, mace and hammers are in pvp now, the most useless weapons for this mode became or will become the most wanted soon enough !

@delirium comes back from a good hiatus, it’s obvious. He lost mostly all the age of sorcery and many changes that brought us here to what we have now. It’s really good to have you back fellow exile but you need to understand that’s too difficult to explain what was best or not and why. The only reason and the simplest one is that things change because they need to change. Every change gives new goals and probably new reasons to play.
Now the goal is to fill your treasury, go for it :wink:.

Abysmal cooked meat is a nice easy early game food. Lasts forever once you cook it and has a nice regen. There’s also the funny staff. Doing the Dregs pre lvl 20 us not a total loss. The torch you can make by getting the knowlege right at the start might be useful when going to the volcano. It doesn’t warm you.

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Cook Abysmal Flesh, get Ichor in the process, throw the flesh into the compost, that’s all I use it for now.

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Well… I wish i knew the regen of cooked abysmal flesh when i was doing this…

It would be really handy :wink:

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One day I decided to cook it and eat it to see what happened. It was a nice surprise. It’s not amazing, but I find it useful early game. As the dungeon is so easy, it doesn’t cost much…

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What do you mean come back from a good hiatus? I havent stopped playjng since 2018. At about 5000 hours of game play. My comment is how little useful end game content there is these days. I’ve bought every DLC, every Battlepass and spend about $50 a month on bazaar content. So I support the game and definitely not a noob or casual player.

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my game is still bugged in that dungeon the abysmal remnant is invisible but for the eyes and the crafting book won’t spawn after killing it so i think it sucks worst than normal :laughing:

Sorry m8, my bad :metal:. It’s just your questions about some things are way outdated and this lead me to this conclusion.
Sorry again, never meant to offend you. Thanks for you understanding :blush:.

and in the topic of dungeons/caves other than one or two places the loot sucks when as of now most of the best gear can be crafted and what few good things you can find can’t be repaired not a fan of that change.

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Not really outdated. Moreso commenting on the gradual decline and value of dungeons. Especially what used to be end game content.

Every time we get a new update, more stuff becomes useless for no real reason. Cutting the number of thralls at camps and bases achieves absolutely nothing. I want the game difficulty to be increased significantly. Keep noob river easy, but anything north of the wall should be dangerous. Loot should be better in dungeons if it is high end. We can craft better weapons than dungeon weapons and that is a problem.

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I can see the big bug, but the book is invisible. As I know where it is, I still get the recipes.
Just send a thrall to kill it. The thrall will go inside the acid pool and will finish it.

No they just reroll. Before this update and some years now, especially after 2.4 (for pc) named specialized crafters were holding the key of the game. It’s about 2 years now that the community whines about the legendary weapons and Ofcurce after 3.0 (pc) legendary weapons were rubbish. So for nine straight months every now and then you would see a post whining about legendary weapons. Now that the legendary weapons are cool everything else took the downhill. But yea, i can understand what you’re saying and the only explanation i can give is the one i tried to give above

Imagine a total balanced game!
We will all get bored of it in a week and the community would focus on the hundreds little details that they need fixing years now. Sometimes this game looks like my government dude :rofl:.
Thanks for chatting m8 :+1:t6:

Ps. Just test it. The excecutioner perk on the act of violence works on the arena champion :metal:

God breaker is mostly a PvE armor but still very valuable as the bonuses to it are mostly unique. Gas mask, healing, repairing weapons and stamina recovery boost are all handy plus with the AoW update, heavy armor is viable again since the recovery is 0.85 vs 1 that light gives you. Back in the day, I always made it a point to farm warmaker for the gb helm for my thralls heavy armor gasmask with lots of durability. Go ahead and spam shoot those acid arrows.