The Sandworm of Glorious Doom

Could somebody with more technical understanding of the UE and the mesh kindly explain the hurdles in creating an ever-present, invincible beast in the undermesh that does nothing but wreak death and destruction to anything down there?

I’m confused. Are you saying there is a sand worm under the mesh? So you under meshed and got killed by it? Almost sounds like telling on yourself lol. This is why this confuses me. What are you talking about?

No, I’m wondering if it’s feasible for Funcom to create a massive entity of doom to destroy anything that gets built in the undermesh on a 24/7 basis.

That would require introducing an AI actor that is always simulated and using up server CPU cycles, even if there are no players in the vicinity. Something tells me that can’t be very good for performance and the official servers are already straining when you have 20+ concurrent players…

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just disable building on anything below the surface, i don’t see any issues with that. IF foundations have a small part of it on the surface, it is allowed. Nothing below it will be contructible.

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They would have to add a “floor” to the game that exists only to inform the game where the acceptable boundary is. This floor would have to be carefully added across the entire map wherever things can be built with enough distance away from the mesh so that people can still embed foundations inside the mesh, but no so far away that people can still get under it.

I believe it would be possible, but not realistic.

the current mesh can’t be considered as the floot? The rule would be

‘‘is below mesh? yes. does it have parts on the outside (mesh)? yes. Can build’’

‘‘is it below mesh?yes. does it have parts on the outside?no. Can’t build.’’

I am not familiar enough with the engine to know if that check would be possible. My guess is no though, or they probably would have already done it, or maybe doing so would cause some other unacceptable issue.

ehhh there are many things ‘‘forgotten’’, that never got checked again for no apparent reason. Woudn’t expect that this is one of them. Right now FC seems to be focusing on thrall rebalancing (which is good), and letting everything else aside.

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