The Secret World TV series

If he is Solomon, he was still around in the 1920s though


I forget who first suggested it, but there absolutely was a tinfoil hat discussion of him possibly being Solomon. (I don’t want to take credit for starting it because I can’t remember, but I absolutely swept myself up in it, with how sly and slippery they’re both suggested to be. And the pachinko machine.)
Solomon or not, he uses 20s slang because he hopped on over to the US during that era and fell in love with the whole schtick, and just sorta…kept the slang.


It’s worth a lot, actually, thankyou thankyou thankyou (Grimm’s OK but idk bout Lucifer)
(mainly the “All Along the Watchtower” piano cover)
(Lucifer just would not IMHO)


I love re-casting my fav movies. I’ll play in “Casting SWL”

Michelle Williams (Venom) as Kirsten Geary
Rhea Perlman (Cheers) as Norma Creed
-or- as Eleanor Franklin
Tricky (The Fifth Element) as Sonnac
Gary Oldman as Henry Hawthorne
Woody Harrelson as Moose Janson
-or- as Che
Gaten Matarazzo (Stranger Things) as Danny Dufresne
-or- Evan Peters (AHS)
Sarah Paulson (AHS) as Madame Roget

that’s all I can manage atm

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I’d be surprised if this show is still happening.

Keeping in mind that a big chunk of The Secret World’s ambience is horror/supernatural, with a little 3-way factional struggle for power, I don’t think “cop show/investigation” is a direction anyone would take this in.

I’m way out of the loop on TV shows, but it seems shows like The Twilight Zone, Penny Dreadful, Supernatural, Stranger Things, Dark Shadows (original); are all in a similar concept space. Maybe even some of the darker humor/choices from shows like Buffy, Angel, Dark Angel.

I wouldn’t really go teen-friendly but I could certainly see some potential for Innsmouth Academy as a base setting (or one of several plot-base locations). Since schools have good potential for developing things in a lot of directions.

I’d make two shows. One about a new Dragon-member being thrown into the deep end to “flap his/her wings” who befriends a radical Templar and a conservative Illuminati (because the other way around would make sense, and we don’t want that). They help out a runaway from Morninglight, who then becomes a sort of mascot as they dig deeper into the mysteries of the secret world

The other would be set in pre-fog Solomon Islands. I really feel the Innsmouth academy deserves it’s own show, and with everything else going in kingsmouth and it’s surrounding area, there’d be plenty of trouble for a group of teenage special students to get into.

I’d definitely be against Bees being anywhere in the main cast, because having an unkillable magical demigod wandering around just murders any level of perspective for the story, especially if we’re getting a “street view” of the Secret World from the perspective of someone new to it (which is basically mandatory if you want anyone to understand what’s going on).

The Bogeyman showing up in The Park vs TSW was like night and day. In TSW, even when you’re a NewBee, Winters is never really scary. He can be disconcerting when he shows up, and if you didn’t do HR, he can be the first time you’re really facing more than the most simple of AoEs, but there’s never really a point where he’s actually genuinely scary.

Meanwhile, in The Park, the most he does is chat amicably and ride a roller coaster in a game where it’s literally impossible to be hurt or die, and your nerves immediately go on edge every time he shows up because you’re not a magical superman, you’re a mentally ill woman with basically no powers other than supernaturally bad luck.

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Of course, that’s why we are introduced to the game through someone who isn’t a bee, that’s the only way to understand what is going on for people who are new to it.

“Unkillable magical demigod” is the vast majority of main characters in TV shows.

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Jeffrey Combs can literally do no wrong.

I retract my earlier statement and would gladly binge and re-binge (like, Futurama-style re-binge) on Carter: The Teenage Bee so long as Jeffrey Combs is cast as Montag and also is in every episode.

Now, who to cast as Annabel Usher . . .

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Michelle Gomez, no question.

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It depends tbh. Having a bee would potentially increase the danger of what you’re up against. Whilst we revive at anima wells quickly, it’s possible that a TV version would take longer to reincarnate. It may even be that there are fewer wells around normally, it’s just that the areas we’re in are damaged in some way, allowing more anima to seep through the cracks. There’s narrative ways around it, and potentially opens up all kinds of different angles - have you ever run around in anima form?

Having a newly awoken bee could still give a perspective into the world - tbh it’s a pretty standard trope where the chosen one wakes up with powers, only to find that the world is a darker place than they thought (Buffy, Grimm etc).

I’d be rather against it if it would assume it’s player character. This would kill the mood. But there are certain amount of existing stories that carried op immortal heroes quite fine, like Hellsing or Onepunch-man or Ajin. And then since it’s series about game world, I think it would be kinda important to explain something about who you are gonna play so having ‘bees’ around is good thing.

Roma Downey

Edit: I’ve mentioned it before, but if you check out the IMDB page for The Secret World, you can see that a lot of the voice actors are already a good casting match for their characters:

TSW IMDB Full Cast

The list also contains a few surprises (Quark, Tuvok, etc.) for those that didn’t recognize the voices outright.


So true! Also, thanks for the link. American Gods ads were all over the page, I almost forgot it’s almost time for season 2. (SQUEEEEE)

Armin Shimerman, for sure, although I recognized Tuvoc right away.
Also, C.S. Lee from Dexter as the Pyramidion was a surprise. Well done.

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I don’t know if it has been mentioned, but you may be interested:

There is a Canadian series called Lost Girl. It’s on Netflix and lasted 5 seasons.

The premise is, there is a hidden/secret world which very few humans know about, in which all creatures from all mythologies exist, collectively called the Fae. The Fae are divided between a light and a dark side, and every Fae, when they are “of age”, has to choose one side or the other. There is a war between both sides ( a secret war), although the show takes place during a period of truce. The Fae see humans as food: the light side finds ways to feed without killing humans, the dark side kills them indiscriminately.

The protagonist is a succubus, but who grew up not knowing she was one until she finally meets with the Fae and she’s forced to choose one side. I’ll leave it at that in case you want to watch it. It is technically a cop show, though.

There is also Diablero, a Mexican TV show, also on Netflix. This one is only a season long, but it is a new show (2018). No word if there will be another season. The premise is, demons exist among us, and they can possess humans. The protagonist is the diablero, a demon/witch hunter, who together with a girl who can channel demons (reminiscent of Carter, she get bloody) and a priest, set to prevent a demonic apocalypse. It’s Netflix, so you get to choose between original Spanish with/without subtitles, or dubbed.


That’s a very good parallel to SWL. And, a very good show, I’ve seen it myself and know plenty of gals who are huge fans of the show.

Which would normally cause me to eyeroll except

The cop is a werewolf


totally looks like this other guy from BraZZers

Not in the economy class seats in the UK it isn’t :frowning: Will try Diablero though :slight_smile:

If we are casting, Dave Fennoy not only voices Zuberi, but looks very much like him, complete with dreds.

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Onepunch-man works because the op godmode main is handled in a ironic kind of way, which I really don’t see fitting with the SW ip. Hellsing and Ajin… well, I guess our definitions of ‘carrying quite fine’ are very different. Hellsing in particular has aged very badly, and would hate to see a SWL show borrow a page from that.

There are different ways that could work, and many ways which would suck. Tbh there’s a fair bit of flexibility when it comes to story telling too, like how long it takes to reconstitute from anima form, number & proximity of anima wells and other stuff. It’s kind of hard to speculate which option will be used/explored when there are so many different variables.