The server is not reachable

Last week I played without any issue. I tried to play again today and got this message.

The server is not reachable, check your internet connection and click “Retry”.
In case the problem persists, click “Next” to open the support website in the default browser.

Absolutely nothing has changed with my machine or modem/router. Nothing with my internet provider. I have clean installed the game 3 times now and also did a reset of Windows 10. I have reinstalled fresh video drivers for my GTX 1080. I have an I9 9900 with 36gb of ram.

When I try to click next like the message says, it will not open the website. I can open it on my phone however if I use my data and not my wifi. So this could be a modem/router issue but like I mentioned, nothing has changed since last Thursday and today.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the question, but have you tryed to see if the server you want to reach is online ?

You can use websites like this to trace the status of a server:

It’s the entire game. It doesn’t even load to the intro. I get nothing on my screen. I have to easily 5 to 10 min for that message and then end the process.

I had a similar error one time, but it was because my client was unable to connect to steam (apparently without any reason).

This problem disappeared without doing anything while I was searching Google for an answer after 2 hours.

But if it happens only with Conan Exiles, and your steam app do not give you any error, than I’m sorry, it’s an error I’ve never seen and I can’t help you :worried:

Well, it just was conan however like you said for some reason it started working today. I did absolutely nothing but go ro work and come back the next day and it worked again…
Thanks for the response though.

Problem resolved…? Maybe

I am having a lot more failures and freezes in the mod selection screen process lately, when trying to join any private server. Not sure it is related but this wasn’t happening before. No changes on this side. Running a file verification on steam and see.

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