The SWL NPC/Organisation relationship chart

When SWL launched, I started a relationship chart over at I lost some momentum after a while, but I add some new points, relationships and update descriptions now and then. (PS: Story spoilers)

I’ve kept it simple: a point is either a person (single entity) or an organisation (collection of persons/entities). Relations are either by events or relationships. If someone want to contribute, either directly or have corrections/suggestions (especially to relationship texts) feel free to drop me a line here or by PM.


Doesn’t ricky pagan have connections to both dragon and illuminate? (Heritage/Illuminati Cultural program)

Cucuvera and Mara both have a relation to Lilith i would say

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Lilith has far too few connections if you ask me. She’s got her hands in pretty much everything. Since she’s the source of vampirism, she should be connected to everything vampire. She’s also known as the “Mother of Monsters” and created many of the monsters we know in the Secret World beyond just Vampires. She turned Mara in hopes of getting at Dracula, so perhaps she should be connected to him as well. She used Mara to forge an alliance with the Red Hand, so she’s connected to them. I guess connecting her to the Strigoi covers most of those connections, but the Red Hand should be brought into that and connected to both her and the Strigoi.

She’s connected to John and Philip Marquard. She’s definitely connected to the Dreamers. And don’t forget Emma.

She was one of the first humans created by Gaia, so she should be connected to Gaia. When the Host had their little disagreement and split into the Grigori and the Nephilim, she aligned with the Nephilim, so she should be connected to the Nephilim.

Yea, I could probably go on and on. She’s a major player and should be a large node on the chart rather than a small one. She’s connected to most things in some way.


I do not know. Can’t remember. Anyone else who can confirm this?

@SinOfTheWolfs and @darxide

Yes, Lilith can be connected to a lot. I tried to limit her (and others) connections (relying on indirect connections), but I may have been to strict. Not to mention I am not done with the map :slight_smile:

  • Mara: Yes, I think we need o connect Lilith there. Done.
  • Cucuvea: I was thinking that the Owl and the Eagle were connected to Lilith via them fighitng alongside Vlad, against Mara/Strigoi.
  • Vlad: See above.
  • Red Hand: I seem to have a hole in my lore there, but yes she did indeed hand vampire samples to KGB (Red Hand). Added. Unsure if we need to connect Red Hand to Strigoi.
    *John and Phillip: I this this is covered by connecting her to Morninglight.
  • Dreamers: Much like Lillith they can be connected to alot. Apart from her trying to wake/control them, is there anything else? Or can the indirect connection be enough? Hmm. Wait, she tried to wake them in earlier ages too, didn’t she? Added.
  • Emma: Added.
  • Gaia: DUH! Added! :smiley:
  • Nephilim: Added

As for the size, it does not mean importance, simply type of node. I’d like to keep them equal and rather let the number of connections speak for their importance.

Things that I also need help with:

  • Describing connections (connections can have text added to them)
  • Spotting missing nodes
  • Connecting the loose nodes to something (The Eight, The Four and Sixty, and Zuberi apart from his role with the big Four NPCs)

The Red Hand created their super soldiers by way of experimentation on Vampires. I think that’s a pretty strong link.

Yes, that’s been her goal since the First Age. Each reset of the ages was because of her tampering with the Dreamers.

Oh, that’s a neat feature. Definitely a lot of things to be added in those connections.

Your guess is as good as mine on those, except that the Four and Sixty are somehow connected with Khalid/Moses Aaron. It’s in his dialog if you go through his entire dialog tree. I don’t recall exact details offhand, but you could go see for yourself if it’s enough to connect them. EDIT: Yes, Khalid says he was part of the Four and Sixty, but he left because they care too much for mortals.

EDIT again: Scriv confirms John Wolf is a member of the Four and Sixty and working for the Eight.

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Are spoilers assumed here? Eh, just in case…

I’d argue the Grigori should be connected to the CoV. The guy who gives the bee to Lorraine in The Park has the same symbol scarified onto the back of his hand as the Lady in White has on her belt. (Which is also on the Linen Amulet, though I think that’s more likely tied to the real-world usage.) It would appear that the CoV may have worked with the Grigori to deliberately create bees back in the 80s.

I based it on the mission texts for dragon and illuminati for the ricky pagan mission “the pagans”

For Illuminati:

This just goes to show that our cultural propaganda agenda is working, even decades after it began. What? You didn’t know Elvis worked for us? You probably think he is dead.

For Dragon:

Let me tell you a story.
Once there was a boy who didn’t care for music. He asked for a bicycle for his birthday. He received a guitar. Eventually, he learned to play it and went on to become famous across the world. Some people called him The King.

He had a brother, stillborn according to all medical reports. This brother was carried to another land and given a new life and a new name. He became a businessman in Tokyo, and an important figure in the Tokyo aerospace industry. All his life, people would comment on his resemblance to The King.

He married a local woman and had a son that he named Ryuichi.
This is our model. Our labor bears fruit.

Hope you can make something out of that

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Correct me if I am wrong, but I didn’t spot Yuichi in the overview, but I saw his girlfriend.
Perhaps Yuichi and Rum could fit there?

Tier 5/5

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With DotML we can finally connect Berihun to an organisation!

Also, I am wondering if I should remove the connection between Morninglight and Beaumont (ref. the interrogation report of Che), and rather connect Beaumont with Che.

Nothing to add, other than VERY COOL! Thanks for putting that together!

I think connecting Beaumont with Che is a valid decision, may also make sense to connect him to Cassy based on their connection to a single ML subgroup. Not sure about removing B’s connection to the ML.

Other missing links:

  • Connection between “Uncle Beri” and PM seems to be pretty tight
  • John connected to the dreamers?
  • The Sentinels have a historical connection to the Marya
  • Not sure that Prometheus wasn’t cross company, but not sure how to best display that, also likely linked directly to everybody’s favourite redheaded monologuer
  • King Solomon and the Unbound are likely linked

Missing people/orgs:

  • Tyler Freeborn (Wabanaki)
  • Virigula Divina (Connected to the Smiths, Prometheus and Vali at least)
  • New zone NPCs, but it may be too early to say which of them are important and how
  • The whole hell dims bunch: Wicker, Eblis and friends

I’ll probably come up with some more, but I really should be doing something else.

  • Solomon missing connection to Daimon
  • Sarah missing connections to Rose, Mei, Alex, and the Illuminati (her original faction)

Where in the lore does it say Sarah was originally Illuminati? didn’t she just meet Alex first on a mission?

Page 3 from the side mission Pieces of Sarah kinda implies she chose Venice over any of the factions. The hand-in reply, from the Illuminati, from the same mission, also gives no hint about her being ex Illuminati.

In the old TSW character page, it mentioned that she was picked up by Illuminati recruiters when she showed up in New York and started getting into occult black markets.

Of course, Wayback machine has crapped itself so I can’t pull it up.

Hmm a shame if it’s not out there anymore. It seems a little contradicting with the missions around her, but she could of been with them only for a short time.

I believe Khalid is also connected to the Four and Sixty, AND the Eight, I think it’s referenced in Black Sun, Red Sand.

I think he also talks about the Four and Sixty for one of his main missions, not sure if Action or Investigation. The hand in for Lumies also hint at the Eight.