The tomb despawn if I die then disconnect from the game?

If I die then dc from the game without picking up my items when I’ll reconnect again the tomb will be despawned?

Should be there, if you can reconnect within 15mins and the server doesnt reboot.

Got a DC while in the Well of Skelos. After DC I saw the tomb, but respawned in the starter area. Until I was there, the tomb disappeared :confused:

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So there is a timer for the tomb? It’s is 15 minutes?

Yeah, there is a timer. I always assumed it was 30 mins. But someone else said its only 15mins. Never found an official answer or something in the wiki for that.

@Ignasi Could you tell us sth official? How long are tombs normaly in the game/map?


In solo game I’ve always had a 15 minutes timer to retrieve my character dead body before it disappeared. But I noticed once I came just to see my body vanish there was a loot bag left with all my gear inside it. I don’t know how long is the timer for it. Perhaps it’s 15 minutes for the body but 30 minutes for the gears. Then once the body isn’t here anymore, the Tomb marker on the map disappears too, and it might be difficult to return to the exact place where the gears are. Even with the tomb marker it isn’t always easy to find the body.

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