The totems should go or what about this

The totems represent the old-world border pre-Frozen North. They should be removed.

Alternatively, desert totems could be activated as a kind of gate for new players. I think if the stakes were higher and the map area(s) unlockable, we’d be heading in the right direction. It would also help ensure server playeurs have more skin in the game.


You can get more skin in the game with better tools…


I’m playing a survival game that includes an extra 2 inches via a “Supporter Pack” DLC. Call me an old fuddy duddy but I thought for sure it was something about windage.

Aren’t they broken? Before the Frozen North, they looked just the same as those on the cursewall, but after they added the Frozen North, they changed these to be broken and non-functional.


Yep, they are indeed broken. I’m not sure why they stayed.

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It’s an interesting question about lore, for sure.

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I could go either way, I guess. Lore at this point would/could just be retconning to make a reason for their existence.

My perfect Exiled Lands has zones in it anyway.


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