The truth about the next patch


Conan Exiles is a wonderful game. I started playing it shortly after the release. I love challenges. Therefore i play it solo. The biggest challenge is wiping big clans.

The next big patch looks promising at first. But at a closer look, it will just simplify the game to a point, where the game will only be playable by 12 year old childs. In other words the patch will destroy the game. Its the worst patch, which could ever be released.

At the moment your base will only be somewhat safe, if its a pillar base with 2 active god bubbles. Even then a player , who tested jhebbal sag in single player mode, can wipe your base with about 8 coins.

The next patch nerfs manifestation of zeal farming completly. You cant even maintain one bubble after the patch. After the patch you can wipe every base everywhere on the map with about 1 to 2 god coins.

So after the patch there will just be constant wiping of all bases. People will get bored because there is no way to protect anything. The wonderful crafting system of the game will become meaningless because no base will be there for long.

This scenario will occur because Jhebal sag is too op. The range of the attack is too great. Its attack is an area of effect attack, which damages everything in front of him. You can learn in one hour in singleplayer mode to easily do damage through god bubbles.

The second problem is the nerf of the manifestation of zeal farming.

The game is wonderful. So is the rest of the patch. Pls change the above mentioned points. For example nerf jhebal sag a bit.

Change the farming of manifestation of zeal. For example make real hard mobs which drop a lot of zeals.

Pls make the game great

Many greetings


You realize that the gods are meant to be powerful right? Since you said you started at the games release, you have no idea of how the gods used to be, and what they should go back to. Imagine a massive base…huge. One god would wipe that thing down to dust, every last foundation. THAT is what is needed since farming is beyond simple now, and a good person can farm hundreds if not a thousand pieces a day. God shields should protect players bases 100%, not allowing Jhebals attacks through.

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100% disagree with OP premise. A PvP server is, for lack of a better term, wild west. The point is to seek out and destroy your enemies, not play house. Aside from playing on private servers that have some structure to the gameplay, this is the way it is be design. If you cannot handle losing all your stuff from base wipes, go play PvE, PvE-C, or seek out a private server with rulesets. But to come out and ask FC to fundamentally change the core of the game… yea, that’s not going to happen.


The zeal farming may be a problem now for small clans or solo players, but right now with set its extremely easy, it should be at a middle point between the patch and live.

Although its good that all religions have now same amount of zeals generation. And about bubbles, if you play in PVP server all bases should be raideable like its rn, there is no fun if you just put on a bubble and them you go to play poke poke with spears elsewhere. No risk of loosing ur base/stuff = no real pvp. It would be like a pve-c like mentioned above.

We’ve been told that a Siege System is on the works right? And Gods are part of that, okay, all fine, we can’t wait to see what that update will bring us, more “raiding options” I guess, obviously.

Now, the bubbles are called “God protection” right? The outter bubble damages the Avatars, and the Inner bubble kills it, now think with me, if Jhebbal Sag attacks goes through the bubbles,lets say intentionally by FC, because for them this doesnt seem a big deal of a problem anyway, so whats the use for the other Gods then?

I think the main premise of a PvP server is to actually fight for your base or to destroy one, not so much to rely on bubbles and Gods to do it. Gods and bubbles should be very powerful and very, very expensive, imo.

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Its not a glitch its just funcoms poor balance an coding again.

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Other gods have no use right now because they were nerfed to the ground, so if jebbal is “fixed” no one will use them unless the patch indeed buff them all

Do not knwo what y’all are talking about. All Gods are equal, at causing LAG!!! LOL.

Concern 1 - Zeal farming. You seem to be forgetting that the modifications to zeal farming will also affect the crafting of new God Coins. Yes, some Alpha clans on PVP servers may be sitting on several fridges worth of coins. That is not a problem FC can really address. But for new players/clans, thhey will have the same issue farming zeal to make a coin. They both cost the same at an Altar.

Concern 2 - JSag is OP. I think we all agree that it is an issue that JSag’s attack can hit through a bubble. But at the moment this is the only real way to raid some lollipop bases out there. My guess is FC keeps this JSag mechanic because they feel no base should be unraidable. But also remember that the patch notes state the other gods are getting buffed to be in line with JSag damage. I’m personally excited for this change, as I think it’s boring to see everyone use the same god, just like everyone uses spears in melee. Now if they could just fix Derketo’s attack to be somewhat aimable…

Remove Gods and God bubbles, problem solved.


In the meantime, while the patch is not ready.


They possibly could by making god tokens not removable from your inventory, like zeal cant be removed from an alter.
Then you wouldnt be able to stock up on them. It would be use it or loose it.


I like this idea. You get a cookie!

Like it, but it still must be loot-able if you are killed. Nothing like some good ole token keep away mid raid.

Ok, so ill farm gods and you farm bombs… if im going to spend all the time farming gods and priests … just like how you spend time farming bombs … i should be able to store my token just like how you store your bombs… thats making it way too one sided. FC, please dont make the same mistake alot of other game developers make… dont cater to the complainers and nerf everything to where its useless. Let them adapt like the rest of us die hard players that dont mind being wiped and rebuilding. ( because thats part of the game)

I am confused. OP says the game is simplified and only playable by 12-year-olds. Then goes on to explain how something was made more difficult. Is it just me or do these things not connect? You don’t have an easy way to farm zeal coins which makes your base more raidable… hence making it more difficult to build up a base… That would suggest it’s not simplified and that it might actually take some skill/patience in order to succeed.

On top of that, we’ll be seeing an increase in NPC spawn difficulty across the board… How is this making it easy again? Can someone help me with this?


100% Biggins
If you are having hassles being griefed/bullied/abused/… by PvP Official then just go Private, get yourself a good Admin or so and carry on enjoying the game. There are a ton of private servers out there that offer all levels of the game from brutal PvP, through timed PvP to PvE+limited PvP to Role Play to…whatever floats your crocodile. Oh, and you can also go to servers without gods if you find them silly. Vote with your feet.


(New update concerning Gods) In ways I agree with him. If you have not be on a server for a long period of time you are in a bad position if you even consider pvp servers. Clans who have been there awhile and have a good foot in the door are harvesting zeal like crazy right now. Most bigger clans have over 2000 zeal now because of this upcoming patch and I have jump to many servers out of bordum and most talk is the same “The second the patch comes we wipe everyone with Gods” Yeah thats going to kill the game. If you are going to induce this, wipe all zeal from altars make everyone start gathering zeal from scratch. No more God tokens in preservation box either


I’m a solo player and have harvested zeal myself for protecttion / determent against clans. Even with the current setup, I put some time and effort in my current position I won’t like to lose because of this. And I’m certainly not the only player thinking like this. If FC wipes all zeal from altar they will too turn players away.
Furthermore the argument, active clans and players haveing an advantage over new or former inactive players which just joined after some change, applies with everything. But it’s a very bad idea to take stuff from people just because they where there and played the game. Expliots and bugs excluded! As a developer its a measure of last resort to do so, since you punishing players for the developers miscalculation.