The Turkcluck-Thulhu Art Contest! Nine-Swords Thanks Giving!

We at Nine-Swords are looking for entries into the Turkcluck-Thulhu Art Contest! The contest will be running from now until 2 weeks after Thanksgiving and we are looking for Artwork related to SWL and things Thanksgiving!

It can be modified screenshots of a scene from SWL or original artwork, perhaps a poem? A song maybe to get us all in the mood :slight_smile:

The prizes on offer will be:

1st: 10 Red Keys + Rocketeers Pack.
2nd: 15 Gold Keys + Sanguine ghoul.
3rd: 40 Purple Keys + Inferno’s Regalia Outfit and Infernal Guardian.

2 Runners up prizes of 25 Purple Keys and 1 Signet of Journeyman each! Turk-tastic!

Please be within the realms of decency!!!

You can post your entries here, the maximum size allowed in the forums is just under 3 MB, so get your brushes or whatever basting!!

The final date for entries will be the 12th of December, to give time for creativity, time 11:59 PM GMT. Our Judges will get the results out shortly after.


“Thank you for being here.”