The Weather in Singleplayer

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: No weather change.

Every area in SP seems to have a special weather that never changes. When I started to play CE, I loved it when the rain in the jungle stopped and the sun came out. Since a very long time now, maybe it was messed up when the sandstorm was changed, this doesn´t happen anymore.

When I activate Ghost Mode in the desert, it immidiately starts to rain, which is funny.
In Siptah it never rains, maybe the same reason with the starmetal rain.
Please look into that, weather changes look very good and are immersive! And also starmetal, and sandstorm!


Hey @Muelee,

Thank you for your feedback.

By any chance do you have mods active on your single-player?
Or changed any of the default settings?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Yes, but as far as I remember last time I complained about this I tested without mods and it was still the case.That was last september or october. I will test again soon, but it feels like nothing has changed. So I am not 100% right now, but I don´t use mods that change the game in such a way, only building and cosmetic stuff. I am pretty sure there is something in the game mechanic that changes certain time related things in multiplayer but not in singleplayer.

Yes, this issue was reported back in September.

Ok, that would be typical for me, runting two days after an update… maybe something changed… Just went to the jungle and it didn´t rain. xd

What I´d like, would be changing weather without me fiddling with the admin panel. Maybe the last update fixes this. Like I said, in 2018 this changing worked and made me fall in love with the game, so, feelings! :wink:
Will try it out within the next days.

How do you know that? Cause like I wrote above, my experience is different. And I repeat, this is about Singleplayer.

I can confirm that at least one aspect of the bug has been like that in vanilla (i.e. no mods and no config changes) single-player for a long time now:

I can’t play right now to try to confirm the rest of the bug report, but “it rains in the desert if you’re ghosting” has been a thing for months now.

So that’s what happens! Thanks for explaining, I always wondered why that happened :smiley:

Ok, sounds like an explanation for the ghost-weather: weather actor component default.
Many questions! (out of curiosity and only if somebody has the time):
Where on the map do we have temperate climate? Is it around New Asgard or The Mounds?
If someone activates Ghost Mode (I guess the admin can do that) in Multiplayer, does the weather also change to a default?

My knowledge only goes so far that there always have been differences between SP and MP in regards to how the game updates certain variables, simply because in SP one can exit the game and it stopps contrary to MP, and so certain timers are reset. This leads of course to the well known star metal issue, which is different but afaik existing in both Exiled Lands and Siptah. But well, that is or has been the problem of the programmers. <3

PS: Does it actually rain in Siptah in MP? Because in SP it does not.

Ok, just tested it, there is changing weather in the jungle biome. I am embarrassed and humbled by the mighty updaters of the game. Her Highness has already bestowed me with the honor to build a palace in the vicinity, so that she will be praised and the gods shall be jealous and all that stuff. :slight_smile: :star_struck: :rainbow: :tada:

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I play in SP with no mods and have a second base built near Riversend and it rains there about 90% of the time. If I travel “100 yards” from my base in any direction it stops raining. It’s become more of a joke in my house than it is a problem but I have often wondered if there was a fix for it. Any thoughts?