There are certain building restrictions that are beyond frustrating

Why can’t I place a staircase down from my gate without first removing the gate door? Why do I need to remove a roof in order to place a trapdoor and then replace the roof in the exact same spot? Why do I need to destroy the walls of my building to place an altar, and then build it up exactly as it was before the altar was moved in? Why are large building pieces so darn annoying to place?


I may have an answer for that one, though it’s basically little more than a guess. Altars actually get a little bit wider as they are upgraded. So I’m guessing that the clear space required to place it reflects that. Walls, on the other hand, are far more forgiving on things clipping through them just so long as the snap point isn’t completely blocked off.

So by placing the altar first and then building walls around it as tightly as you can, you may later find Derketo’s hand or the backside of Jhebbal Sag’s head or something else of that nature sticking out the side of your building. Once when I enclosed a Derketo altar in a multi story building I ended up with the horns sticking up through the floor after upgrading.

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