There can be only one

Players should be restricted to practicing one faith. While you can change your faith, you can only practice one at a time. That makes sense. That is realistic. That encourages cooperative play, as well as player immersion. It’s a win win. Sometimes restricting something is a good thing, people.


How is it realistic? You assume no one in the world has an open mind capable of practicing multiple faiths, and this particular game-world has tangible gods instead of just stories made up with no proof.

I do agree that there should be something in place to prevent worship of gods that openly oppose one another, but not all gods are openly against another.

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i think strong bonus to monotheist clan could make a good balance if everyone still have the possibility of worshiping everyone.

Like Avatar bubble, certain creature or pnj peacefull depending of the cult, bigger ritual, new religious craft, i don’t know^^

Hey, this is good coversation if you ask me. You have to think about it. In the age of Conan, one would have picked one god over all others for a multitude of reasons. Rather, one would have “fallen” into a set faith above others. No? This isn’t the 20th century ppl. This is ancient…


I agree with this idea. the same topic

Yeah, definitely. There was an idea earlier in development regarding ‘oaths’, which would bind you to a single religion.

I went more into some of the details for this idea here:

There’s a few threads going on about religion :stuck_out_tongue:

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i agree. it is much better for game balance, RP, PVP, trade, cooperation… i wouldnt compare it to real life, but in general…? YES, 1 religion ONLY! - for players and for clans… well there are som religion that could work together in Conans universe, but for example MITRA or CROM would not tolerate other religions. I hope that devs will make religions matter


I disagree,

I’m a player who never even builds any alter, except for testing them out on my first character over a year ago.

I have never summoned an avatar except in single player to see what it was like.

I never put points in any religion except 10 points in Set for the arrows, and if I could make cheap arrows with a D.O.T. without doing that, I would.

But I still visit all the religion trainers, for the lore.

And I still think all religions should be open to all players.

Monotheism is a modern concept.

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Monotheism is a 3,500 year old concept. However, that’s our world. What does Conan lore say about it?

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Well to me, 3500 years out of 35000 is still the latter 10% and most of modern history.

As to the lore.
To the best of my recollection Conan believed in other peoples gods, he was open minded.
He just thought gods mostly ignored men.

Considering the lore I still believe all religion should be open to all players.

I am going to add a bit of personal information, which is something I never do.
But I will make an exception in this case.

I once wanted to make religion my life’s work.
I began studying, then I studied more, and more. I’m a bit obsessive.
then I began studying other religion, and then the myth behind religion.
then the origin of the myth.
It became such a habit that today 50 years later I still do it.
even though I am now an atheist.
so as someone who researches human myth for fun, you can see why I believe monotheism is modern.
I could be wrong, but most of the research I’ve done says otherwise.


I absolutely 100% agree no question

I think we need to distinguish between one who reveres, worships, respects multiple gods (polytheist) and one who serves / is devoted to a particular god (priest). The religion feat system in Conan Exiles corresponds more closely to priests as opposed to general polytheist. It is not unreasonable to assume that a priest could not be devoted to more than one god at a time. Even in polytheist cultures, priests were/are not typically devoted to more than one god at a time. They may devote to multiple gods in the course of their lifetimes, but this is usually done consecutively, not concurrently.

I support one god per player at a time, but not one god per clan.

I agree. I would prefer to have (my own RP reasons and also as a sort of PvP balance) to have 1 god per clan and if you wish to be part of that clan you would have to change your religion, if you dont follow that one already. BUT I agree that there could be several gods worshiped by 1 clan (there is plenty of RL cultures doing like this), yet there should be limitation to Avatars and T3 altars.

wrap up:
1 player or clan = 1 main God / Avatar / T3 altar benefits (armor, weapon, food, what ever…)

But this idea has already been discussed under different topic so i am not going any deeper here

What about single players? are they gonna be cut off the game content and restricted to one religion?

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dont get me wrong, but this is multiplayer game. But I get your point and it should not be that hard to program option to lock/unlock religion restrictions for private/single player game.

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having a dynamic/rivalry between some of the gods/faiths would be pretty awesome

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The devs have stated many times that they want players to have options and not be forced into any choices. Hence the ability to to wear a different race’s armor ect. I think that the game mechanics are set up to where the options being open are a good thing and that way all playing styles can be achieved. Why do you need a game mechanic when you can set these rules for yourself? If someone wants to be a lone wolf, should they be restricted from certain items because others want to have clan specific religions? Make your own clan rules and restrict within that. Or start your own server with those rules set. For me, I usually choose a religion at start of game and build alter to top before thinking about building any others and don’t build them near each other. But that’s me. I have seen others that build one right on top of another like a crafting station. To each his own right?


The Greeks worshiped a pantheon of Gods, praying to different Gods for different things, even though some of those Gods had various spats with each other.

I like being able to make the various temples to the different Gods here in CE, and I get different stuff from each of them.

Well, these deities can be viewed as somrthing less than gods. Rathegr demon-lords and their counterparts of high beings/low ranking gods/demi-gods or something like that. My point being, you don’t have to worship them or live a certain way. You “simply” call upon their “help” when need be

After thinking a bit about this… It would be a nice mechanic to have a system in place whereby certain actions either added to or subtracted from your reputation with the gods. The higher it is, the more favorable a god would be with you. Then when calling on them it would depend on your reputation as a % point. Just a thought