There needs to be a better breakdown of Buggs sections on forums

MAybe the forums can have a better way than just PC, XBOX, and PS4 bugs sections. I was thinking of something more like

All platforms Bugs
Sub sections

  1. Graphical
  2. Sound
  3. Economy (crafting costs, farming rates, loot RNG, etc)
  4. Followers, pets, Weapons and Armor Stats
  5. NPC dmg and HP
  6. NPC, Follower, and Pets AI
  7. Performance (Spawn points, load time, lag, FPS, crashes, etc.)
  8. Harassment, Trolling, Griefing and ToS issues with other players, etc. (these posts will be hidden to the community, with only moderators able to read and respond.

May have missed a few.
Each one would require you check the systme(s) you are reporting (PC,Test Live,PS4, Xbox) map (Siptah, EXiles) and server type (Official (with number), Single player or private).

To me this would allow the moderators to see which are has the most threads, combine if necessary, as well as give a statistacal arrow of priority for the bugs fixes.

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All platforms in one section would be devastating…

Consoles are behind… little reason to share there. Some of issues are PC or Console only.
And being spilt, helps narrow down a question they have to ask. (or hoping someone doesnt tag Xbox and Ps4 for xbox issue…cause there both “consoles”)
Not mention… Funcom asked to have each one get its own topic. To help sort it… and community itself doesnt always follow there request. XD

I doubt some users would understand what “Economy” gameplay wise is… (as former 15+ year moderator and support section lookie loo… Most people never tag or use right section anyway)

Long as people post in right section and keep one bug to a Post, and provide decent topic title and info. That alone would help them greatly.

…or they could set up a proper issue tracker.

Not expose the one they use internally, set up another one for public use. Doesn’t have to be a bloated monster like JIRA, something simple.

It would be by platform. But it would be easier to create a table for devs internally. You would be required to check off the stuff i listed. Thus when pulled it would create charts of how many threads of each bug there are. Then you drive down the micro part of what the actual bug is. the old 80/20 rule for problem solving. The way it is now, is consoles and pc are so sperate, we don’t know if the issues are common among them without jumping between platform type bugs ourselves. I have done this in mfg environment. The first scenario is the issue type, then where it happened should be second. The way it is now is structured to see the area first.

The problem with an issue only tracker is there are 1000s of posters, and getting that many people to take a deep breath and go thru the proper fill out procedure is daunting at best. The way I see it, is people would open the issue type I listed, see all of those threads and either comment on one that is what they are experiencing, or start a new one if they don’t think it was reported yet.
the data of console type and server type is for the devs to mainly worry about. The players are only interested in their particular issue, whether shared with other platforms or servers is not important to them.

For moderators, a simple Funcom side data tracker would tell them the platform and servers, and allow them to see duplicates easier.

The weekly??? Devs meetings would for example say we have 50% of our bugs as graphical. Then inside of that we have 80% on Consoles. From there you drive to research those indivudal posts and address first. Again an example only.

True , there is a steady amount of dual , triple (and sometimes more) threads when a problem occurs ( in example the last battle eye master server IP issue , there has been 5 different threads on it : 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 ) and I wonder sometimes why people didn’t take the time before posting to look if there was not already a report with a potential solution to their problem ?

In what way would it be worse than it is? Right now, they have to post a message and include all the relevant details. A bug tracker would have separate fields, with combo boxes and checkboxes, etc. It would only help people fill out the bug report. And if they got something wrong, well, it’s no worse than right now, is it?

Why can’t they do the same thing on the issue tracker? Open a list of issues they’re interested in, see the issues there, and either comment on an existing one or submit a new one.

It really isn’t that hard to set up an issue tracker with a few fields and decent usability. The idea is not to make it harder for people to report, which is why I said they shouldn’t go with a bloated monster like JIRA. I’ve never met anyone who likes JIRA :stuck_out_tongue:

The idea is to make it just as easy – or hopefully easier – to report bugs, and to make it much easier for Funcom to sift through bug reports. And infraction reports, too.

EDIT: Added emphasis to some words to avoid confusion.

I hosted JIRA before, and it is too complicated to expose it to all users and expect decent entries.

I prefer a “tracker” like git. I know it is source code and all users definitely would not understand it. The merges and the comment sections work really well for a developer viewpoint. And, I know… we are not asking to open source CE/IoS.

It needs to be easier for the developers instead of easier for the users. I know users won’t agree, but that is why there are forums for such needed freedom to discuss all aspects and help others.

I’d really like it if the bug system had tracking with assigned developers (perhaps privately), and that 100% of reported bugs were reported on as “not a bug - working as intended, report closed”, “validated bug - to be fixed soon, report open”, or “validated bug - not possible to fix at this time, report open” and that then when bugs were corrected, the report would be updated to state “bug fix implemented in patch X.Y.Z” and that the patch notes also said something like, “Corrected user reported bug with (details)” and then the bug report was closed.

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2 ways to a skin a cat, but i think we both agree, something that was easier for the dev side to extract true reports and have focus on the pareto chart issues.

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Yep. I think dividing the bug reports sections into subcategories (if the forum software has an easy tool for that) would be a simple and effective way to do this. And simple and effective is probably what we need, because quite often, people who come in to report bugs are already annoyed and have little patience for following even the basic protocols the forums have in place now. They just need a place where they can start pouring out their annoyance in written form (although it’d be much preferable if they took the template a bit more seriously).

Subcategories would make navigating the threads easier for regular players, and make it faster to find out if someone else has already reported the same issue. In the current “all-in-one” state one may need to scroll down pretty far until you find a bug report that matches the one you wanted to report, resulting in multiple threads about the same issue.

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