These Two Enemies Types Need a Buff/Overhaul

I know hey, after all the recent topics on nerfing, its kinda weird presenting one that is asking for buffs. Im yet to see the new and improved versions of enemies added in with the recent updates, but I can think of 2 which I feel really need a buff or overhaul, call it what you will. The 2 enemies in question are Serpentmen and Grey Apes. Here is my case:

Serpentmen- while these guys dont have a bad damage output, they are just too easy. Each time we hit them with a melee weapon, they seem to become ‘stunned’ or ‘dazed’ and they simply dont try to fight back, they just stand there stupified taking hits until they are dead. I can complete full 4 hit combo sequences one after the other and they dont even try to hit back or move. The only exception to this I have found is the one who tends the Volcanic Forge. The Volcano, and especially the Well of Skelos, are areas designed for high level players, I cant help but feel that they should present more of a challenge than they do; they are just too easy. While their health and damage isnt too bad, I would like to see them be able to hit back during player combos.

Grey Apes- while I had both Grey Apes and Gorillas in mind, I am focusing more so on the Grey Apes especially. Much like the Serpentmen, while I have no objection to their current health and damage levels, something else about them does bother me. They are just so slow!! For me personally they are one of the single easiest enemies in the game to read, to dodge and to counter. And while one of them might sneak in a hit here and there in larger groups, I honestly can not recall the last time one even hit me in a one on one combat situation. Their swing/attack speed is just too slow to make them even the least bit challenging. But the thing is that in reality monkeys (and apes) are actually very fast and agile creatures, much more so than humans. I would like to see there swing/attack speed increased.


I can’t speak for if I agree on the Serpentmen needing a buff, never fought one, but I do agree on the Grey Apes needing a buff in the speed department, it’s far too easy to flank and punish them mid-strike. Here’s one I think is in need of a buff;

Imp King: Sure, the Imp and Exploding Imp are weak too, but this guy is a boss enemy! He is the only boss I know of that you can safely fight with stone weapons while being naked. His attacks (and I daresay, damage output) are identical to his smaller, non-explosive subjects, meaning he has a single hand swipe, a double hand swipe and a lunging bite, all of which are easy to evade. Another issue he has is that he is extremely susceptible to getting stunned, any and all strong combo finishers will stun him for around 3 seconds, and with both light and heavy attacks causing him to stagger, you can effectively stunlock the ugly bastard to death.


That ‘stunlock’ you speak of sounds very much like the problem the Serpentmen are having, and I would wager that it is the same problem. (Try them if you are a high enough level, they are found in the Well of Skelos at the Volcano) But you are right CrystalGoddess, he should be more challenging than he is. But hey at least he has armour, a couple of pots…!!

Much as I like the relative safety of the swungle ruins because of the easily annoyed but slow and stupid enemies, I feel that lore-wise I must agree with you about the Grey Apes. In the Conan stories, grey apes were among the most dangerous opponents Conan had to face - in the Hour of the Dragon, Conan stabs one through the heart and is nearly killed himself in the instant when the beast grapples him in its death throes. The Servants of Bît-Yakin in the Jewels of Gwahlur also resemble them by depiction.

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Thats the thing Kapoteeni, there is realism to this request (and the lore). Apes are very fast and strong creatures. It would be a nightmare to try and bring one down with nothing more than a sword.

In the notes it says it removed an animation for the grey apes. This was because they would get stuck, but now they may not be easy XP whores if it sped them up as a side effect:)

I know exactly what you both mean @Kapoteeni and @WhatMightHaveBeen. They are so comfortably easy to overcome at the moment, easy to kill and gain exp off, and so slow that they are not even a credible threat. But we must let go of our comfort and embrace the challenge. Afterall…challenge breeds excellence!

PS- if either of you notice a discernable difference in their combat speed after playing with the parity patch, could you post it here…? Thanks.

I am genuinely surprised that this doesnt bother more people and invoke more of a reaction. Especially the Serpentmen. They are designed to be a challenge for high level players, and closer to end game too. However it is ridiculously easy to stunlock them to death. They are just so easy in their current state, and dont even get a hit in. Would anyone else like to weigh in on this one?

I agree. Npcs are certainly more varied and challenging than they were at launch. That said I think there are many enemy types that could use an upgrade. This is especially true for bosses and other higher tier enemies.

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