Things that in CE must be patched

There are plenty of things annoying while playing conan exiles, and some of these are completely unnecessary. I’mma focus on the most core things:

  1. Nobody minds the elevator NOT being a teleporter, but it’s TOP velocity must be increased so that you do not die out of starvation (or boredome) before you get to the top of 32 foundment’s range. The speed ramps up and ramps down, and that’s ok, but the highest velocity for the elevator just should be higher.
  2. Just make people not slip off the elevator doing alt+tab to check out wiki or something (the roll).
  3. If we want to alt+tab for the wiki, youtube or just to check out the messenger, please cap the AFK hunger/thirst lowest treshold to at least 10%, so people do not die for being afk for a short while.
  4. Add compass whether it’s an achievable item that you just keep in an inventory to show you north, whether it’s a build-in tool, it’s absolutely handy.
  5. Make the “dual wielded” items stack in a single hotbar space (1-9) instead of two separate. Instead of: sword and shield separated simply get sword/shield or javelin/torch, bow with arrows of type A or B in a single hotbar space. That saves a lot of hotbar spaces.
    5ad. That could force a need to create a hotbar only as a visual space - not an actuall item slot when the single sword/axe/javelin/bow could could be fitted into more than one hotbar space at the same time. Items used on hotbars could be especially highlighted on the standard inventory box. But still it would make the hotbar extremely more handy.
  6. Make the “force vitality” to regen hp even when you are in combat, not much of a strong buff, but still.
  7. Make the stamina regen be more fluid, like 10 ticks split in one second instead of 1 extremely big tick in one second, so the game does not feel like it was made in late 90s.

Optional changes and additions to be made:
8. Change to the default keybindings of hotbar from 1-9 to like : 1234ERQZX, would be more handy/intuitive.
9. Add a hunger and thirst a certain buffs (or debuffs) depending on the scale of hunger / thirst. F.e.: Being 80%+ sated makes you have +10% max hp, being 60%+ makes you passively regen HP (if in comfortable temperature), 40-60 no bonus hp, no regen, below 40% would be meaning - 10% max hp and below 10% it makes you passively loose hp. Same with thirst but for stamina (stamina regen +10% above 60%) That could make a hunger and thirst be relevant even on high levels.
9a. Nerf all the high tiers’ drinks and food on thirst/hunger refill according to this (90% of hunger sated in one bite is very high). Nerf the fat grubs, that’s for sure.
10. In the statistics seen of the items - when it comes to heat/cold protection - the bars of the items should be expanded (like up to 10), so we know the protection more precisely.
11. Add a battering ram to the game, this one could also make a siege cauldron be usefull - by the way.

Not sure if these topics were elaborated upon. Let’s give it a try. :wink:

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