Thinking about "event" sellers

The constructions were very nice congratulations to the winners, BUT do not congratulate funcom for having spent an “event” to do something that only involves less than 1% of the players.
THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WANT !!! it’s not this type of event that makes 99.9% of players who don’t care about it, play, we want to play, we want things to do, events that are really ‘jovial’ that give us mission and reward INSIDE GAME, and not sending screenshots of a construction that 1% of people who play the game, or even less than 1% set out to do.
It is very sad to see the game always stopped, always without events, without news, without new things to play, we who play feel like we are in a “dead and abandoned” game, there is no plan and planning to make small, medium and large additions to the game. game, additions to things to do, news to play, new NPCs, new animals, new bosses, new missions, new quests, new items to conquer, absolutely NOTHING.
It is very frustrating Conan is an incredible game, it has a very well made world base, graphically beautiful, good physics … but unfortunately funcom fails miserably in the mission to keep its game alive and active in the long run, and that it is VERY SAD, it is sad for us players that we get bored and abandon the game and sad for the company that is not able to keep the game’s indexes high, is always falling and then they try to “win back”, but as they do not do a fixed job of keeping the game active is like “wiping ice” you never get.

Attention: The translator may have changed the meaning of some part of the text, but surely the main idea will be passed on!

NOTE: If the intention was to ask the community to create a challenge, create a structure with animals, traps … to then take the “best challenge created by fans” and implement in the game for all players to play this challenge, I would congratulate.
I would find the idea AMAZING, absolutely incredible, I would love to play a challenge created by someone, just as I love playing maps created by fans on ARK, for me they are the best maps “Valgueiro” and “Cristal Island”.
But unfortunately it is not so, I cannot visit or play with the creations of the fans, it is only for me to look at a photo of her.

I’m a pvp player, I don’t care about buildings except for how hard are they to raid.

So I fit your assessment of the player base.

Except I think your numbers are off, I think a lot more people care about building than you estimate.

My guess is more in the neighborhood of 40% to 50% of the player base are builders, based on my experiences on the many servers I’ve tried out.

People are not easily quantified, one of the best PVPers I know, @Barnes won a building contest.

However I agree that more variety in contests would be welcome.


You didn’t understand, when I talked about construction I didn’t mean people don’t care about construction, I LOVE CONTRACTING IN THE GAME, it’s one of my favorite points in the game.

When I referred to 1% of people going to build, I was specifically referring that 1% of players would see that post and build the “event” to send a screenshot.

All of my “revolt” as already mentioned is not of this “event” to exist, my “revolt” is that it exists and other really “important” ones don’t exist, so it seems that he is “stealing the place” from a really interesting event that I would play, within the game.

As I said, if the intention was to ask the fans to create challenges and then add the winning challenge as a “dungeon” put there in a “door” of a house in Supremeru and announced, "This is the winner, look here the video trailer of his challenge, go to the door of this house in Supermeru and play this challenge “, in that case I would really say” that funcom master game "used an opportunity to please fans, involve the community and after adding something really cool to game, which has NO news whatsoever, I would congratulate and be involved and attentive to everything, voting and playing, or even “visiting” the winner IN THE GAME, we are talking about a game and the game is made to play, not to look at videos or photos.

I am very sad, I have a serious love and hate affair with funcom, I love everything they do, everything desing, even the animation of the horses I love all this, BUT at the same time the lack of “organization” in maintaining the attractive “active” game with new features SMALL - MEDIUM - LARGE is very frustrating, at all times we players feel abandoned in the game, having to watch videos of “youtubers” trying to create things to do, the company seems not to care to keep the players playing, all the time I see news in games that I have in the steam library, and Conan NEVER APPEARS in the news, that’s when it appears is this competition that I WILL NOT PLAY!

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