Third Shift Society, a webseries that is similar to "The Secret World"

Modern world? Check.

Existence of a society that navigates through things and events that are supernatural?

A seemingly normal main character who somehow manages to find herself in the middle of all that action, transforming her life into that of a supernatural agent of sorts?

That’s a check. Yep, something definitely seemed similar to me when i saw it in webtoon a couple of minutes ago. It’s a new one i think, but i might be wrong.

Edit: I love that pumpkin headed agent.


Looks like the artist has been doing stuff on it for a while (early 2016), but has recently moved to Webtoon so only has 3 issues up dated 20 September. Pumpkin guy definitely looks like he is rocking Chaos :slight_smile:

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More like ‘every single clichè of contemporary urban fantasy? check’. Vague, paper thin analogies, and honestly Third Shift Society isn’t even that good.