This is a little thing that would be good to have now! (3)

Hello, first of all sorry if my text is not in perfect English, because I communicate with the help of a translator :wink:

Here I am back on Conan for an indefinite period of time, I’ve often thought about 2 or 3 little things and I think it’s time to propose it.

One thing I would like to see happen would be the possibility to have a door that stands on 2 foundations in width, the height I think 3 would be enough or 4 maximum, it would be nice doors for bases where the entrance can be available from 2 foundations and I think much more aesthetic than having to put 2 doors glued.

Secondly, I think it’s about foundations and fences, some fences show very clearly that they are not visually designed for foundation fronts, but to be put on the foundation, I think it would be nice to have fences aesthetically designed for foundation fronts, I think about the arena style for example and border to name a few.

And finally, a third thought. I think it would be interesting to have walls, (but it can as well be thought for foundations) without decoration, because I don’t know if some people are in the same case as me, but sometimes on a wall and more particularly on DLC structures, I like the visual on one side, but not on the other, let’s take for example the “Turan” style, I like the side without drawings, On the other hand, I find the drawing side not very pretty, it’s not very beautiful, because it’s too busy, we can think the same thing for the foundations, well I never knew if the direction of the walls had a more fragile side than the other or not, if it’s not the case then it would be settled for the walls, but it would be to think for the foundations.

That’s what I wanted to put forward as an idea, hoping that the devs see this and think about allowing us to do this one day :wink:


Hi welcome back!

  1. I have seen so many requests for this (usually 2x2). I would be surprised if the devs hadn’t already considered it.

  2. I don’t really understand what you mean…sorry

  3. I think currently only the Khitan wall pieces share the same design on both sides.
    Unfortunately I doubt we will see any change to pre existing DLC
    However you can always place a wall on each side of your foundations, and have a “secret” passageway inbetween. That will give you the appearance you require.


Like @LordKAA said, I doubt they’ll ever go back and add new pieces to existing DLCs, which is really a shame :frowning:

However, there’s a trick you can use when you want walls that look the same on both sides: try fence foundations. It’s true that not all fence foundations look the same on both sides, and you can’t place fence foundations everywhere you could place a wall, but I’ve been able to make it work in several of my builds.


I would appreciate 2 x 3 doors even 2x2 doors. As mentioned kiatan walls are my goto interior walls they don’t distract from trophy or weapons shield racks displays.


Or place the walls before the foundations. You can place lines of walls and fill the foundation line after. I’ve done this a lot of times in pvp servers in the past to troll others :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Pict fence foundation and walls are very similar, especially if the first foundations are not so high from the ground. Yet all this time I wanted to work and the other way around, but I use what I have :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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I have my hall of the brave (where the weapons of the brave i met stand) in yamatai with outside facing In!!! Khitan is good but dull redish!!!so why not a more poshy style???:stuck_out_tongue:

Will add a screen shot when at home!!!

(Ofc i am teasing!!! In the end its down to each of us personall preferences… :slight_smile: )


Cool will have to check it out working on a new base that could use some Poshy inspiration.

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You have to place fence foundations.

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I’m not saying you’re wrong but I’ve never gotten an arena fence to line up properly. The doors don’t even fit the door frames properly in that set. But I still us it because I like the look.

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I oddly kind of like the look of the doors. To me it looks like they are heavy and wearing on the hinges and creating gaps

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Maybe. I’ve also wondered if its intentional to give it kind of a worn or utilitarian look.

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@sestus2009 here u r , i have chosen some rendom ones to show you , so u will have a more spherical opinion about how signs and weapons look on yamatai


I like :+1:. Experimented with them last night. My wife’s already swapped a bunch into the building. Thanks for the tip. Also like the signs.


Yep I see your points. I like your first idea and support that one!

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