This is becoming a big problem

Ok so i have mentioned cheating before on ps4 so i’ve gone back to pc… what a mistake 3 different pvp servers and 3 times when the clan got to a decent place we get raided… from the inside out… players are undermeshing inside and just completely stealing everything they want with nothing stopping them at all…

I have 1800 hours in this game and its a common theme to cheat on official servers. I also gave up on the latency issues because Gportal hosting is terrible.

I host a server called Darksun - Hard Mode. Its pvp with no building damage. Building damage can easily be exploited and you’ll just lose your base offline.

Enjoy the pvp, not the exploiting or base baby sitting. Come kill me.

How do you manage thrall damage on your server?

Thralls do not engage in pvp on my server. They are for pve only. PVP is between plays only.

What I mean is how do you keep them from engaging in PvP. I am running a server but dont know how to get that set.

The only way is to make the server PVE-C with 24/7 pvp times. They wont engage players. Or check the players can be damaged, and uncheck builds can be damaged,

Im using a gportal server. How do I make the server PvE-c?

Br official server 1995

Lol BR players do that a lot for some reason.

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