This is not fair

So I am guessing Funcom has given up on PS4? There is literally no way to play now. It is crashing ever 3-5 minutes. I am playing on a single player offline world. I have to restart the game constantly. You can not do anything in this game without it crashing. I am guessing it is a memory problem. There is no way in hell this game should be released on PS4. It is really bad when Ark is a better experience then what you are giving us here. I really wanted this game to be awesome but as of now it was just a theft of my 60 dollars. Oh and 10 dollars of DLC. Thanks for nothing Funcom.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. First get a PS4 because apparently you don’t have 1
  2. Second waste your money on the game.
  3. Third play the damn game.
  4. Fourth, Be mad at Funcom for stealing your money

Been a while since i last posted on the forums though i have been playing this game constantly since it came out for ps4… Yes this game has its issues and Yes this game crashed alot. Yeah i used past tense as for the last two months i have not had my game crash a single time.

However i will say that crashes like the one you are experiencing are generally not on their end of things as i have experienced them twice since i started playing. Both times simple trouble shooting fixed the issue and i was able to continue play. Check and make sure the inside of your ps4 isn’t dusty and check to make sure things aren’t cluttered around it making it over heat as these were the two things that were ■■■■■■■■ me over.

As for what funcom promised us yes it isnt all there… Yet… They are now adding a huge new addition after having done a great deal of patch work which is something ark can’t say. The devs clearly care about this game and it is growing slowly. Eventually it will overtake and likely put ark out of the works if they continue down the path they are currently headed due to arks many short comings. In no way is ark a better experience than this game in terms of what the devs are doing as ark clearly doesn’t care as they have yet to fix bugs from day 1.


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