This is NOT what a Launch should look like for US Players

Not The Real Release Day

Servers are full and thus none can be chosen to play on at this time.


Could not have done better myself. This is a Poopshow for sure. FUNCOM, you blew it!!

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I was able to play this morning,all morning,but logged out to eat,my husband kept his character in,so far everyone is logging in and not logging out so to keep their spot,so good luck on anyone getting back in there at all for a few days until people quit and get tired of it. :confused:

i cant even get into a server without crashing :frowning:

Yes indeed. i logged off at 11:30 AM this morning for Lunch and Errands. Haven’t been able to get back on my Official server since. It’s 9:30PM.

I’m just going to stop until they fix the problem.

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