This is whats wrong with Conan


  1. Gear Repair Madness
  2. Buffs
  3. In Combat Heal
  4. Building and destroying should be much easier
  5. Mindless God and Vault nerfs without thoughts about solo/small groups
  6. Explosives (wtf)
  7. Overpowered Gear

The Game should be all about pillaging, destroying and fighting but everything above makes it unenjoyable.


You got half your points the other way round build is easy so is blowing it up the reason alot of people quit the game cause the beast god can destroy your 500 block tier 3 base in 60 seconds. Funcom is poor at balance period.


Unlike you i don’t know alot of random Quitters.
I know why my Guild and i left and those were the reasons.


I know plenty of people who like you quit when their base gets raided.

  1. Gear Repair Madness
    I actually enjoy carrying some repair kits around and repair gear out in the field. Kinda cool.

  2. Buffs
    I actually enjoy getting myself smashed on alcohol, then downing a set anti-venom like a badass life-hacking myself. I built a “deployment bar” in front of my map room. THat deployment bar is filled with nothing but booze, anti-venom and night vision pots.

  3. In Combat Heal
    I’d imagine that being annoying in PvP.

  4. Building and destroying should be much easier
    Build sandcastle…stomp sandcastle… build sandcastle… stomp sandcastle. Fun… <_<

  5. Mindless God and Vault nerfs without thoughts about solo/small groups
    This is going to be re-worked in the siege update.

  6. Explosives (wtf)
    Hmm… No comment.

  7. Overpowered Gear
    In PvE those are known as “enjoyable toys” and status symbols. In PvP, they are known as “uniforms”.


And there I was curios if you remembered his tiny…

Erm… Back to the topic.

  1. Dont agree at all. Gear needs to be loosing durability. I dont know what you are doing, but since the durabily of my gear goes down as slowly as it does, I tend to forget about that completely and become a nudist in midst of the black galleon, new asagarth or other camps…
  2. I rather wonder what people use to get all different buffs.
  3. I dont see a problem there. If the healing guy gets hit by anything, his heal is gone. - if anything incombat heal might be tuned down to half with out of combat healing being tripled or even multiplied by five…?
  4. Building is fine - but I am not too certain wether h. brick is on par with black ice…
    However, I would be in for cheaper bombs - not stronger but simply cheaper.
    I never experienced gods myself, I only saw the impact of 2 sets on a giant base once. Thats crazy.
  5. God? Vault? Solo/Duo? Why are you even placing vaults if that applies to you? Ok, maybe I am just too much of a chicken, but I would recommend going into hiding instead of bragging by using such big things.
  6. What do you mean? The existance of explosives in that world? Why?
  7. Not only gear, but attributes too. At some point, vanilla becomes way too easy.
    I currently am playing on a server with pippi, age of calamitious and sexiles. Heck, cats are crazy! … And dont mention those giant mod-bears… Thats a whole different level. Might want to try out for yourself. :slight_smile:

… Then why wont you put the event log at 8?
At least looters/thiefs being given away in that.


The only real issue with Conan other then some minor bugs is those people who quit with their tail between their legs.


Natural selection ^^


maybe there should be 2 kind of servers for pvp.
first, mayhem 7/24 pvp active servers with faster gathering and crafting. and second, restricted pvp time servers like the pvp servers now for more casual but who likes to pvp while online, of course after fixing the bugs…


I think there might have some problem with certain gear. I hardly ever need to repair my Lusttaker (Derketo T3 sword) but when I decided to give Daggers a go… Jesus Christ. My dagger (Flawless Aquilonian dagger) used to be at half durability after every few encounters. It takes me days to repair the Lusttaker.

Sure, Im mainly a bow user. Thats why my melee weapon takes so long to need repair, but the daggers drop durability extremely fast

And no, there are explosives in Conan lore as far as I know, but this knowledge is rare and only known by a few Eastern Alchemists. Is also misguided with magic.


I have a true beef with explosives. Those jars tick me off more than any other game element. I’m the kind of player who has only ever resorted to that crudeness for two reasons: destruction of griefers and destruction of abandoned temples interfering with PVP Progress. I barely make the time for that Journey Step these days.

The rest of your points seem to me to also be about balance. I hate to compare Funcom to a AAA studio, but even Rockstar is scrambling with balance issues on their flagship product, in which I am deeply immersed. The reason is generally, flow of information, and priority of the rebalance. Changing one item of balance can often cause “marionetting,” where one change to the hand of the puppet somehow also makes the face work differently; therefore it is crucial that balance be time-tested and player-vetted to reduce the amounts of flareups caused by ill-considered patches or tweaks. Feedback is essential, and I hope to encourage Funcom to continue to make measured changes to our essential battle systems.


I agree, it would be nice if any kind of explosive was just something you put on something locked to blow the lock/s open! Like vaults and chests. Everything else should be siege equipment from trebs, ballista, special siege bows, siege hammers and whatnot.


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