This must be done

Firstly, kudos to you guys pulling together a nice PR team. Having said that, what your forum is missing is a “known issues” page. You guys finally want to engage with the community directly in order to improve? Well, the community needs to know what you are aware of as being problematic. Give us a little transparency here. We’ve been quite patient and understanding.

With that being said, I also have a few things that i’d like to inquire about. I play on official PVP server 1588. Since the last major patch, I’ve noticed…

  1. Some Bosses and Friendly NPCs are not spawning as I believe they should. Every time I visit the Barrow King, he’s never there. I haven’t seen him in a month. There are a few other missing NPCs as well, such as the Ymir religion teacher, the big crocodile in the brimstone cave by noob river. Whats going on?

  2. I’m not getting purged. I see it pop up in my event log from time to time, starts, and ends…but I dont actually get a purge. A few players on the server claim they are getting purges, so also, what gives? i cant compete with other clans if i cant snag purge blacksmiths, but they can. That’s not fair. Tell me what is going on with that.

  3. People are still able to exploit through walls and steal stuff on official servers. I thought you guys patched this as well as other exploits up?

Thanks for your time. Let me know if there’s anything I can provide to help disestablish some of these bugs.


Thanks for linking it @kelts2018!

Don’t forget to put some text in the front of it so it’s a link and/or note they are able to click on the image to go to the full trello board page and are able to navigate it using the scroll bars. People are also able to upvote issues which should be priotized -if they are not marked as fixed already-.

You should report these issues seperately to the proper places linked here:

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