Thorgar's Notes?


I have spent about 8 hours trying to loot Thorgar’s Notes by undead mounds with no luck.

Twice i have seen a chest in the central part of the barrow, but have been unable to interact with it. It seems that it may be a random spawn, as there was also chest just by the door which stopped spawning after a while as well.

I am playing the PC version.

I got all of the other parts with no issues.

Thanks for your help!

P.S. I tried to get on the CE discord to ask about this but cant seem to get voice priv - I have had a discord account for many years, and started Age of Conan in Beta (so an old Funcom account… Which didn’t translate to the forum apparently…)

This video by Just Horse, might have the information you’re looking for:

I don’t think its a spawn issue; its always been there every time I’ve collected them. Hope that helps!

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Hi, if you are playing offline a work around is to open the admin console and try to get what you need. I did this when the character is not showing or when there is a bug.

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