Thoughts about Patch 2.5

Hello everyone.

I decided to create this Thread to discuss the 2.5.1 patch impressions.

I would like to leave here my impressions regarding the patch and my opinions especially regarding the PVP. (since I’ve been an official PVP console server player for about 3 years).
By comparing ourselves maybe we can help programmers to balance the game also following our personal tastes, since we are the ones directly interested in playing and financial the product.


  • The game turns out to be smoother and the FOV on console was sacrosanct; personally my LAG and Crash experience is better, even if it can always be improved.
  • The claws have finally been nerfed, a weapon that did not require any skills with the current method of healing.
  • The bleeding for the players is finally countervailable, they consider the very slow animation of the bandages and the speed of some weapons such as daggers.

Aspects that need balancing:

  1. Absolutely you have to balance the long lance for horses; it is absolutely inexcusable that a player, specially with HEAVY ARMOR (1000+ value) has the chance to die 1 shot if a player with lance hits you with 5 strenght and the oil on it. No matter what armor you are wearing, you are always dead 1 shot or reduced to 1 hp.

  2. Daggers need a small nerf in terms of attack speed and / or length; if a player spams the daggers on you and you try to heal, with the new heal system of 2.5.1, you have no way of doing it discreetly since now your regen is stopped if you take damage.

  3. No way to heal yourself decently when you are on the horse; It is incredible that you need to dismount to heal yourself as Feast sets, Hunchs and the like give very slow regeneration.

  4. The animation of the use of aloe potions, consider that now the regeneration is stopped if enemy hits you, it must necessarily be speeded up in my opinion; it is extremely slow and you have few chances to survive and heal yourself if you are incredibly outnumbered by the enemy.

  5. The horizon gives problems.

  6. Climbing on foundations or structures is bugged; you have to change it.

  7. Ferossic daggers what’s the point !? xd

I would like to know what the community thinks about these points that I have identified and if there are other things that need to be balanced, hoping that the programmers will also consider our thoughts.
Obviously I focused only on the aspect related to the PVP experience of the official servers, following my tastes and what I would like to be modified.

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