Thoughts On the Future Of Anarchy Online


Intentional nerf to control bp duping. Frankly, wouldn’t hold breathe for a change. You can ctl+clik items to shop from regular inventory.


They should simply make AO2, IMO thats the only real fix for our issues.


i would gladly delete evry character i have if i had the option to start fresh on a new server.
but agein… only if they put effort into profession balance and coded the server so it be harder to implement programs to dupelicate items etc.


Well we can day dream about it :smiley: I mean they already did it with conan. With the legacy server. The cash shop was nerfed for the legacy server and it was a fresh start. If they do that for AO… Mm!


IF they reset all chars. My 14 years played and PAYED char will lost and i will “lose” money. I wont allow that. Fix the game some other way or create new game. Well they created Conan.


AO is old enough to be in the right phase of life for this :


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What it tells:

  • They are making merge. Like they did on AO.

  • Not enough players so need to merge. No need to upkeep many servers.

  • Same time can do some chances.

  • There can be better “stuffs (servers)” on Crom. (no idea)

  • E


Does my Saga character have to go to Crom?

Yes, all characters on Saga of Zath are being moved to Crom during the merge. If you want your Saga character on Fury, you will need to use the Character Transfer service from your account page.


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To clear up some confusion, the AOC Saga servers are intended, by design, to be time-limited servers. There is a second saga server currently running on AOC at this moment even (Saga of Blood) which will be winding down soon.

The original announcement for the Saga of Zath (first AOC saga server), which mentioned it being limited time, can be found here:


soooooo…are you back in office yet? :wink:


You are correct and wrong both at the same time. The market is broken due to a lack of players bringing items to the marketplace, a lot more players would drop the market prices. The game is so big that there are gods at every level and froobs can easily make a toon that is fun to play. The unique thing about this game unlike any other game is that there are people happy to level to 25/60/100 etc etc and never want to get to 220/30.
I think some areas especially in SL should be level locked to stop high lvl players leveling people too easily.
I think the biggest downside is the character design. I have played several games like Perfect World, Skyrim etc and the character design is amazing, I have talked many a person into trying AO but once they see the char design they give up thinking that the game will be just as poor.


Diablo 2 has those “ladder” servers, where you can start from scratch, and after a while those “ladder” characters are transferred to the main server.

But in exchange the “ladder” characters can loot/create item not possible in the main server and transfer them over when merge comes.

Now AO is different of course, it takes longer to get a character to high enough level to do end game raids, so it takes an insane ammount of commitment, for just some superrare items. Also AO is more focussed on nodrop items. I personally love a challenge, but im no fan of artificial items scarcity, specially when it comes to items that everyone wants.


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