Thoughts on Thrall Update

This is the first thing that came to mind when the update was announced. The forums are nuts right now. lol. I haven’t read what everyone has said because topics are updating like crazy.
But I read the update early today and I thought I’d give my thoughts on it:
First off, a level system for our thralls and getting progressively stronger is really neat. Could add a lot more fun to thralls other than just knocking them out and running around beating people up with a friend.

The ability to call off your thralls is another idea that I think is necessary. I’ve always taken some of my thralls or pets to the volcano to dispose of them.

And the point of debate, the Thrall cap. I play on single player a lot because sometimes I like playing by myself without aggressive intervention, or at least if I do get it, I can be prepared for a purge. I play offline also because I don’t pay monthly for online fees on console.
But during the $1 Xbox Gold price drop, I did decide to try it out and it was stuttering left and right so I went back to single player. But back to the point. Sometimes I have a lot of thralls, and sometimes I don’t. I don’t get raided too much so I don’t prioritize defense too often. But I hope in the end everything ends up favorable enough for a lot of players.


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