Thoughts on update and other things

So I’ve had some time with the new update, and here are my thoughts:

Horses are hard to control sometimes but they’re really useful getting to one point to the next. Better than walking. The movement should be adjusted some so it’s not so difficult to maneuver around. I also think we should be able to access our horse’s radial menu even when riding them, and that we should be able to still run when the camera is at the front of the horse without it stopping unless we pull the breaks. There should be idle animations for horses, too. And we should be able to interact while mounted.

The new movement, plus the harvesting speed, will take some getting used to. I feel like, since the attack animation update, the game has been made slower. Attacks are slower, and now moving is slower. I’m not sure why the game is going into this direction. I think it’s probably more realistic that way, but in a game where you can summon gods to decimate a base made of steel and hardened brick, and where meteors fall out of the sky doesn’t shout realistic to me. I don’t want to be too harsh on the game, but I do think there should still be criticism. I like that they’re trying new things, though maybe it can be tuned some, and we can have it both ways.

And off-topic from the rest of this post, I play on Xbox One on single player and other games I’ve played - not Conan Exiles - have better graphics and effects. What I mean is, you get wet when submerged in water or in rain, you can make ripples in the water, and you leave behind footprints in the snow. I just want little things like that which might lead to some heavy developer work, of course, but I just feel like it should be more on par with other next-gen games.

That’s all I gotta say for now. Thoughts?


Conan Exiles uses the powerful UNREAL ENGINE 4.

On PC in the sand and snow, it leaves the marks, and much more detailed, the effects are there, but on the consoles are disabled.

Many effects you asked for already exist in it, but as it is open world and the old consoles only have 8GB, then they had to leave these features disabled, but now in late 2020 with PS5 and XBOX Scarlett just activate that will get very good.

I play on XBOX X, and it’s slightly better than XBOX FAT, and S.


My rig on Ultra makes the ugly back hairs on my toon look like copses of tiny trees, clustered in a line from my spine to my nethers. My testing rigs with lower-end graphics cards run on Medium and Low settings, and the hairs look like hairs. My low-end laptop mode for a low-end processor and graphics card makes it look like I’m hairless. Somewhere in that continuum are all of my PS4s, which utilize progressive rendering on such things. On my console, now I simply need to avert my eyes before the hairs appear.

I’m making a metaphor about the little things. Like this moment:

That’s my follower, Val Resnick, realistically climbing onto and over a rock while crushing some smack-talking Nords.


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