Thrall appearance changer

Shouldn’t have to rely on mods to enhance our game, I see everyone farming dalinsia or berserkers like crazy and no other thralls yet it looks much less appearing seeing the same looking face everywhere I go.

Having this option would allow us to have a nice variety of faces around the map, customising their body/faces as we please.


Way back when there were some people with functioning grey matter working on the game Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers were the best thrall. This was a very sensible decision as it allowed players to build an army of varied appearances.
Funcom has been busy for years throwing out everything that makes any sense and they finally got to thralls. Official servers are the worst way to experience the game anyway, so you may as well embrace mods.

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It never made any sense for the best thrall to be the easiest to obtain as well as the most prolific. Fixing the RHTS was one of the better decisions Funcom made. The only one better than that was fixing Teimos.

What was the fix for the RHTS?

So please tell me why the absolutely easiest of the slow levelling named thralls to get is still the strongest? (The wandering berserker)

The fix was nerfing RHTS completely through the floor making them even worse than a named exile fighter… I mean FFS! It makes absolutely no sense at all the way it is now.
There are 3 thrall level types, slow, normal & fast levelling, there are 3 factions in the slow levelling group, cimmerians, votaries(vulcano) and relic hunters(RHTS & stygians in general), they used to be close to each other, but 2 of them were nerfed by a lot while cimmerians were kept strong and now is pretty much the only choice if you want a strong thrall, they got the best damage modifiers, best attributes from start and also the best chances of good levelling in strength and vitality, it is no wonder that you see so many cimmerian clones in all bases, they have always been among the strongest and are now alone on the top! :joy:


So which are the good thralls now?, obviously berserker and dalinsia is still going to be meta I just found it odd that in the volcano a temperature based region has thralls with 1700hp like you gotta be tough up there, it takes silent legion gear or a lot of ice to be able to stay up there for some time it makes sense for them to have the best thralls.

Lost tribe well we can all get to the cimmerians and the RHTS while maybe strong them too are the easiest to get and get too since all we have to do is give our thralls a truncheon and send them to town.

I expect it to be fixed in a near patch.

Ansina has a better multiplier than the zerk, and the brute is better yet. Ansina is awesome for using transportory stones and walking it off…

Cannibal brute got nerfed

Still better tho. It was just YUGE before.

It’s been wrong for two weeks now.

I’ll go check later and see what she does vs zerk. She hits damn hard I’ll say that. The brute before last nerf was 6 and it was said halved to 3 which is better than reported zerk multiplier.

From what I seen apparently she only has more health than the zerk by like 300hp

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